Notice to supporters corvelva: news on how to register members!

Notice to supporters corvelva: news on how to register members!

Many of you have asked us to bring the membership fee to a duration of 12 months instead of a calendar year and we have finally managed to insert this new method, on the occasion of a technical "restyling" of the website.

We therefore inform you that, from now on, at any time of the year in which you decide to support us by joining, the fee will be valid for 12 months.

As the deadline approaches you will receive a reminder and, if you wish, you can proceed with the renewal: all very simple!

So, for those who were not yet a member and would like to support us in our activities and contribute to the battle for the freedom of vaccination choice and against any form of health obligation, you will find all the information in the link that we put below.

We would like to remind our current associates that the share subscribed at the time will expire on 31/12/2022. As early as December you can, if you wish, proceed with the renewal.

For our part we will strive, as always, to act and operate to the best of our abilities and to provide help to everyone, members and non-members alike, but it is thanks to the energies of those who support us that we can afford to open projects, help more. people and raise public awareness and our thanks go to you as members because without your support, Corvelva would not exist!

See you soon,
Corvelva staff


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