Information interviews, draft minutes, advice

Information interviews, draft minutes, advice

September 2019:
Conversation calls are coming across the whole of Veneto, with a particular method that suggests the imminent departure of the sanctions (a hypothesis remains, for now).

Registered by double appointment arrive:

  1. Date for the information interview
  2. Date after a few days with the appointment already set for vaccinations

These invitations also include the notice that a report will be drawn up during the interview, which will be signed by the parent (s). It is also specified that failure to sign will be considered a "dissent".

To answer the questions that you are rightly asking us, we summarize as follows:

  • you are not obliged to sign anything;
  • the signature, if you want to affix it, it must be put only and exclusively if the written information they are true (at the bottom of the article, photos of two examples of how the report could appear, and how it can be modified and written by the doctor, you can do the same). For example, if it is written that you declare that you received information about the risks of vaccinations during the interview and do not believe that this corresponds, or you do not sign or barred any item not corresponding to the actual performance of the facts or information received.
  • Being a report that concerns you, you can (and should if necessary) make changes, additions, or request that they be affixed.
  • If this possibility is refused (record everything) you will send a pec or registered letter explaining the progress of the facts and the impediment found.
  • In fact, they may "believe" that the failure to sign is a dissent, but it is an unproven presumption of theirs.
  • The advice is therefore not to sign or to draw up or have a report drafted complete, truthful and which also contains the lack of information or answers, if applicable.
  • always ask for a copy of what you have possibly subscribed to

We suggest you take a look and eventually print / download the "Guide to adverse reactions observable after vaccination"to get an idea of ​​what can be considered" risk information "and why not, you could also bring it and ask for clarification ...
As you can see in the pictures, it will also be possible to attach sheets, documents, etc.

We will shortly start a series of specific meetings on sanctions and publish indications; as already reiterated, we would like to wait to see the fines before circulating indications that may have to be reviewed.

We reiterate the advice: if you verbalize, you do it with what we have really declared, if this is not true, this must be reported in the minutes (added by you). In short, we must expect that our observations are reported on the sheet.

The procedure for objection is available to members in the reserved area of ​​the site.

We remember the email for any specific requests: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PS private contacts to the admin should be limited to cases of extreme urgency or necessity; in the same way, please avoid generic questions to which every possible answer is already contained in this article; this in order to give better assistance to those urgent or specific cases that need it.

Thank you, the staff

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Corvelva Recommendations1


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