Confirmed the results of the Commission "Depleted Uranium"

Confirmed the results of the Commission "Depleted Uranium"

Publication of a statistical-epidemiological scientific study on the Italian military

Today we announce the disclosure, in the journal "Epidemiology & Prevention", of a scientific study funded by the Corvelva Association that demonstrated what was declared by the Commission "Depleted Uranium", especially in the chapter dedicated to military vaccinations, that is significant excesses of risk emerged in missionaries compared to non-missionaries. Although the commission had recently updated data, however, it will be necessary to have information on their possible determinants, such as environmental contamination and personal or health risk factors, where health means vaccination prophylaxis.

Finally the claim that "those who go on a mission are healthier" are silenced. The next step will be to study in detail the data of the soldiers who remain at home, checking whether they get sick more than civilians.

This study was supervised by Ivan Catalano, former Vice-President of the “Depleted Uranium” Commission and conducted together with the consultants (Omero Negrisolo from ARPAV of Padua and Dr. Loretta Bolgan pharmaceutical chemistry) who took part in the Commission during the investigations. To these was added Dr. Valerio Gennaro of the Epidemiology and Prevention Department, IST Genova and President of the Medici for the Environment (ISDE, Genova), member of the ENCR (European Network for Cancer Research), Alumni of The Johns Hopkins University and of the Italian Institute of Bioethics.

The data made public, aggregated and anonymized by gender, age group and body of belonging to a specific weapon were analyzed, arriving to analyze well 3.663 subjects in the entire period (1996-2012).

Qhis study is of considerable importance as it confirms that the military does not die only from depleted uranium, as it is the set of risk factors (multifactoriality) that cause the pathologies.

In light of all this, we are convinced that it is also necessary to create an instrument, such as a health fund for the military, which gives unconditional economic assistance to those who get sick to serve the country at home or abroad.

Corvelva, Ivan Catalano and all the researchers who participated in this important study, invite Minister Elisabetta Trenta and the President of the Defense Commission Hon. Gianluca Rizzo, to read the article at:

Ivan Catalano



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