Constitutional Court: Opinio Amicus Curiae on Covid-19 vaccination obligation

Constitutional Court: Opinio Amicus Curiae on Covid-19 vaccination obligation

About two months ago we had been offered the possibility of submitting briefs, called Opinio Amicus Curiae, for the case in the Constitutional Court to be held on November 30, 2022, specific to the "Covid19" vaccination obligation.

Up to now, with the exception of the Corvelva Shareholders, we had decided not to give resonance to this action, also in order not to influence its outcome. Today, however, we can make it official by telling you that they have also accepted our briefs, which will be an integral part of the hearing at the same Court..

The team of lawyers who coordinated this valuable operation must be absolutely thanked. Instead of each acting as a single reality, it was decided to divide the critical issues of compulsory nature and therefore the arguments among the various associations; each reality that participated, among those coordinates, therefore concentrated on a single single problem so that all together we could present well-structured and non-repetitive arguments (calculated that the possibility was to present a memory limited to 25.000 characters). We have chosen a theme that is particularly dear to us, that of adverse reactions, which can be summed up in a sentence that you will have heard screamed thousands of times in the Italian squares: if there is damage, there can be no obligation!

The technical / scientific report supporting our arguments was obviously written by a professional and the resulting work is of great quality; for now we do not want to go into more detail, it is enough to know that the unconstitutionality profiles of these vaccination obligations should not, in a state of law, lead to any other conclusion than the total elimination of any vaccination obligation and its stigmatization for future reference. of what has been done.

We know that every vaccination obligation proposed in Italy has had the sole political and never scientific motivation, we do not believe that this battle can be won only in the courts, but we are equally convinced that no front should be left uncovered and certainly there would be an urgent need for an awakening. of the judiciary in general, given the many abuses of civil law known in recent years. Obviously we will keep you updated.

Where there is to fight, we try to be there!

Thanks from us to all citizens who do not give up.

Corvelva Staff

constitutional court corvelva 1
constitutional court corvelva 1

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