Corvelva and European Consumers: a new step to widen the battle

Corvelva and European Consumers: a new step to widen the battle

To all our members and supporters,

with a view to expanding collaborations and contacts with associations, bodies and committees that fight in defense of the rights of the citizen / consumer, we inform you that Corvelva has the honor of being affiliated to the European Consumers Association, a confederation of associations, with European perspective, which works in defense of consumer rights with particular regard to environmental issues such as pollution, health and scientific information.

For many years European Consumers has held a central position in issues that are essential for us, currently it is very concentrated, together with many realities that oppose 5G technology and the Medical Association for the Environment, on the electrosmog issue but without leaving others uncovered points of attention regarding socio-environmental geopolitics.

We reiterate The concept behind these actions that we are carrying out: precautionary principle, right to individual health and freedom of choice are fundamental themes that unite us with many other associations and movements that at the moment are fighting like us on related issues, coincident and often superimposable.

By combining our voices and our strengths, with a synergy of intent that can enrich each other, we will have fruitful results over time from the point of view of the amount of actions that we can carry out.

If alone we are unheard, together we can become that pressure group, lobby, able to move the consciences of the community by focusing the spotlights on issues that underlie health and the precautionary principle.

Corvelva Staff

European Consumers press release


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