Corvelva informs!

Corvelva informs!

Following the death of Dr. Dietfried Schönemann, author and editor of the NOI-Verlag publishing house, received hundreds of books as a gift. In line with our information path, which we have been pursuing for years now, we have decided to extend this precious donation to as many associations and regional committees as possible. The project is not for profit but precisely informs, therefore dividing the books by various regions by donating a part of them to municipal libraries so as to make them available for free to all those who want to read them. Obviously the same will be donated to anyone who requests it during our evenings that will start again shortly and we also invite the member realities to give it.

The books in question are:

  • Vaccinations the great attack on the brain and the psyche ”by Harris L. Coulter - Editrice NOI-Verlag.
  • The way to health: Hay's dissociated nutrition by Ludwig and Ilse Walb - Editrice NOI-Verla.
  • Health regained: New hygienic-natural guide for a more balanced, healthy life in harmony with nature by Dietfried Schönemann - Publisher NOI-Verlag.

We know very well that the moment is particularly difficult for you parents, we also have children of school age and in this moment our attention is on the small and huge daily problems, but as Corvelva Association we have considered it important to seize the moment to provide information by clear signal: we do not stop!

For all the associations and committees that want to join this initiative, give us a few days and write to us, it will be our priority to agree on the methods of sorting the books.

Thank you, Corvelva Staff


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