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DDL 770 "Provisions on vaccine prevention"

DDL 770 "Provisions on vaccine prevention"

We know that a hard moment has just passed, regarding the milleproroghe decree and the disappointment of many who had trusted in a breath of fresh air which, in fact, did not arrive.

The truth is that we have the impression that there is no need to be calm, in fact, it seems to us that we have much more to worry about, unfortunately!

In fact, we must start to worry about the new draft law 770 on vaccinations, already deposited in the Senate in August, and on which we had already shared some reflections here .

The bill 770 (Patuanelli) has recently been assigned to the 12th permanent hygiene and health commission, in the drafting office.
What does this mean?
It means that the text will be evaluated and possibly modified directly by the committee, and then be proposed ready for voting as it will come out of the committee. Textually, from the Senate website:
"drafting office, for the examination and resolution of individual articles of bills to be submitted to the Assembly for the final vote only"

Here you can check the above:

Now, this text presents some very evident critical points, among which:
1) the legitimacy of the concept of group immunity (although there is no scientific sharing and / or evidence on this concept nor any empirical evidence associated with vaccinations)
2) the lack of indication of potentially mandatory vaccines, bringing everything back to the national vaccine prevention plan, therefore potentially to any vaccine (from HPV to flu shot etc etc)
3) the fact that (cit.) "Significant deviations from the objectives set by the PNPV such as to create the risk of compromising group immunity" will be grounds for adopting extraordinary intervention plans
4) the fact that these extraordinary intervention plans may provide (cit.) "The obligation to carry out one or more vaccinations for certain birth cohorts or for health professionals, in order to achieve and maintain vaccination coverage safety"
5) the fact that there is no age limit for these possible obligations, therefore potentially 0-99 years
6) the fact that the intervention plans may include measures such as sanctions, but also make the attendance of schools in the national education system (!!!) conditional on the execution of these vaccines
7) the fact that school managers may be required to put in place "any measure suitable to protect the health of non-vaccinated students" (any measure ???)

In addition, it should be added that among the few non-repealed articles of 119, there is that 5 / bis that sees Aifa litisconsorte in the causes of recognition of vaccine damage. In short, get vaccinated all, get vaccinated for everything, the vaccine damage will inevitably increase in number, but the compensation for the damage will become even more utopian.

Cosa possiamo fare?
First of all, Corvelva has already officially asked to be audited when the discussion of this bill begins, as part of the promoting committee of a law concerning vaccinations, and as an association in possession of alarming results on the analysis of vaccines that we have commissioned (and which very shortly will be published in a scientific journal);
We will propose our amendments, although as you can see here the whole legal framework is worrying. Above all, we will try to make it clear that with regards to vaccines there is a need to stop and make some fundamental insights and evaluations, before making these drugs a mass obligation.
We recall that our analyzes have been the subject of a complaint to the Rome prosecutor, our hope is that they will lead in a short time to open a serious investigation, with specific assessments and analyzes by the bodies responsible for public security.

We are confident that all associations active for freedom of choice will ask for a hearing in the committee, and our hope is that we will be able to make at least some of the changes that would be needed.

Nonetheless, we cannot deny that a bill with these contents disturbs us a lot, just as the choice to assign the text to the commission in drafting leaves us perplexed.

We will keep you updated, of course.

Thank you, staff corvelva


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