Band 6-16: They have no right to demand anything!

Band 6-16: They have no right to demand anything!
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As regards the 6/16 bracket, school attendance is however guaranteed.

This means that even if you do not present anything, the school is only required to report the fact to the ASL. The ASL will then convene an interview for mandatory vaccinations. It follows that in our opinion it does not make any sense to present self-certification nor to make an appointment for vaccination because children will not be excluded from school attendance. Even if you have partially vaccinated you can choose not to present anything! We also advise you to print a copy of the law, highlight the passages of your interest and show it to the school manager if he becomes too insistent. Remember also that there is a privacy law that protects sensitive data and that there should be a person in charge of processing sensitive data who should have taken a special course and know the rules of the aforementioned law.

We strongly doubt that all teachers of all classes of all educational institutions are trained for this.

You can easily do this in case of insistence, also asking who is the owner of the processing of sensitive data that require you.

Corvelva Staff