Green Pass in company canteens, madness

Green Pass in company canteens, madness

We know, we should have more sobriety in our utterances, but the moment is really complex and it is difficult to contain and not scream "what the hell are you doing ?!"

We learn from journalistic sources only that the Green Pass will also be necessary for company canteens and this, in addition to being particularly stupid, is still in line with the blackmailing attitude of this Government, but we are starting to be too far.
The Observatory for Permanent Monitoring of Legislation and Jurisprudence on Safety at Work public a note from the Ministry of the Interior that had escaped us (prot. 5 August 2021, no. 4073). We quote the interesting part:

The activities connected with the use of food (canteens ed) are allowed to all staff, subject to compliance with the protocols or guidelines aimed at preventing or containing the infection.
With regard to the access of external persons / guests, care will be taken to enforce the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 105 of 23 July 2021 regarding the possession of Covid-19 green certifications. "

As you can see, we are in pure and simple schizophrenia. As you can see below, the Government website FAQ establishes the impossibility for employees to access company canteens and these FAQs are in stark contrast to an official ministerial note.



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