Unlawful collection of data concerning the personal health of pupils

Unlawful collection of data concerning the personal health of pupils

Too many of you are telling us about situations bordering on madness, teachers and / or managers who start to collect data in the classroom on the vaccination of the pupils, putting them in a situation of obvious embarrassment, with not rare cases that configure threats and private violence.

We have taken the time to produce an answer that was not a simple communication and not even a warning, but a formal request for the cancellation of any data collected with an attached report to the Privacy Guarantor.

Fill in this letter also accompanied by a copy of your identification document and insert, where possible, as specific as possible about the incident and, if you are not resident in Veneto, replace the Regional School Office with that of your region.

We must strongly oppose any will to transform the school into a receptacle of illegality and excessive power of the institutions, but also to counterattack by asking and claiming to have confirmation as to whether or not data is being processed concerning the vaccination against Covid-19 of minors and / or employees, obtain access to all the information provided for by the legislation regarding the purposes of the processing and, above all, request the immediate cancellation of all data in possession since the processing of the same is unlawful.

Hold on, the moment is hard, far beyond ordinary understanding.

Corvelva Staff

PS this document obviously applies until the legislator attempts to remedy this regulatory contrast but for now, no joking with health data!


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