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Poland takes sides with us

Poland takes sides with us

Open letter from the Poles to the participants of the twin events of Venice, Aosta and Berlin on 16 September and to European citizens on compulsory vaccination.

Our thoughts are with you. For several years, we have been experiencing the same thing. They are trying to ruin us with huge penalties, taking children away from us, in order to make profits for pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore, the legislation is further limiting our rights violated by corrupt officials and pharmaceutical lobbyists. They censor the media, doctors, scientists and social activists. Campaigns full of hatred and lies follow! But we have no intention of giving up. We will fight for the health and life of our children. True humanity and patriotism begins with caring for the younger generation. Today, thousands of Poles are joining you. Together we can change many things! You have made a great effort to defend your rights. The eyes of the whole world looking today poured your direction! Don't give up! Don't relax your struggle for a better tomorrow for our children! We Poles do not lose heart in the abolition of compulsory vaccination. We want the whole world to know that their safety is a myth. We parents remind European governments and ask for respect for fundamental rights! preventive medical treatment cannot be mandatory!

Health is a precious private asset. We are not a herd, we are FREE MEN! The system is for people, not people for the system. The children belong to the family, not to the medical officers. We will defend the family, freedom and safety of our children by any means and in any case. Nothing and nobody can stop us! We have great hope for further cooperation and joint action in the future.
On August 24, we again went out into the streets, this time in Inowrocław, in order to support a family they tried to take away parental authority because they refused to vaccinate their second child within the first day of life, after the older child had suffered serious adverse reactions due to vaccines. This time, the judge decided that there was no reason to limit parental rights to these good parents and wonderful people, other such cases are pending. Unfortunately, this aggressive family law interference procedure is increasing.

If they don't hear citizens' voices they must hear the voice of a united Europe and the whole world! However, there is no time for words. Time has come for concrete action !!

Dear friends, courage and perseverance in the struggle for a better world! This desire today for myself and you!

When there is risk, there must be a choice!
National Association of Knowledge on Vaccines "Stop NOP"

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