Open letter to Italian MPs on fetal DNA and viral contamination found in vaccines by Dr. Theresa Deisher

Open letter to Italian MPs on fetal DNA and viral contamination found in vaccines by Dr. Theresa Deisher

We publish the open letter sent today, April 17, 2019, to all Italian parliamentarians and media.

Respectable. Senators and Deputies of the Italian Republic,

with this brief communication we would like to make you aware of a letter written by Dr. Theresa Deisher, a professional and internationally respected researcher, addressed to all world legislators.

It contains very serious evidence and confirms the results of the analyzes that Corvelva has commissioned both on the quantities of fetal DNA contained and on the retrovirus contaminations identified by us.

We, after a meeting with Undersecretary Bartolazzi, who has made himself available to receive future reports and shed light on the matter, are proceeding with further analysis; nevertheless we must take note that in the face of these results we have not obtained or viewed material capable of refuting what we reported (by the control bodies in fact no safety data were received), nor did we find any kind of reaction aimed at restoring citizens' trust and / or to assess the effective safety of these same products on the market.

The problems detected by Dr. Theresa Deisher are alarming, with far-reaching implications for public health safety.

With our communication, we do not want to inform you, as citizens, we believe it is our civil duty to indicate that precise drugs, produced by specific pharmaceutical companies, show very serious gaps in the field of control. All that is reported in the attached letter, in relation to the biological and viral content of Merck's MMR II vaccine, was identified by our analyzes in GlaxoSmithKline's Priorix Tetra and similar problems are found in other vaccines analyzed by us. Now you too know it and if one day the problem were to explode, you would have been made aware.

Lastly, in addition to thanking you for your attention, we would like to point out that two totally detached companies, an association of parents (Corvelva) and an American researcher, have brought to light the same problems on two similar products. This would impose the application of a precautionary principle for the protection of the health of citizens, as well as giving an even more important weight to the question of freedom of choice in health matters.

Corvelva Staff

Grumolo delle Abbadesse, April 16, 2019

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