There has never been only one side of the coin: Help us inform how adverse reactions are treated in Italy

There has never been only one side of the coin: Help us inform how adverse reactions are treated in Italy

This year we want to turn the spotlight back on pediatric vaccines and the damage and adverse reactions that have always accompanied the practice of mass vaccinations.

To do this, we would like to give a microphone to those who have experienced first-hand what it means and what they are faced with in the event of vaccine damage or adverse effects, more or less serious and often denied by the medical establishment.
We therefore want to invite all those who want to tell their story by explaining publicly (even anonymously without appearing on video, if you wish) what you are faced with in the unfortunate event that "something goes wrong": what happened to you, who who helped you, who instead walled you up and left you alone... a story of your experiences that can serve as a complaint on a social level but also as an example or a warning to all those who think that the damage is a remote eventuality, the famous "one in a million".

Since we have existed, the stories have all been the same: you trust yourself, you vaccinate your child, the child is sick and when you ask the doctor you hear the mantra repeat "it wasn't the vaccine". Well, we want to raise awareness of this, of the systematic denial of adverse events, of how the medical profession in Italy (but not only in Italy) is totally incapable of managing this aspect of vaccination and we want to do it by giving a voice to you, parents.

The question of vaccine safety is ancient and dates back to the dawn of this health practice; the vaccine objection has existed since the first obligation with the smallpox vaccine was imposed and the reason is simple: there has never been only one side of the coin. There have always been those who fought and we still can't afford to forget that cases of vaccine damage exist and too often remain silent.

So if you want to take part in this series of interviews that we would like to offer to our audience, you can write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. also leaving your contact details and we will contact you to get to know each other, talk about it and try to tell your story. The aim is to leave a trace, to show what is not seen, to bring out how the system systematically denies the theme.

Corvelva Staff


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