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Our compliments to Italian journalism

Our compliments to Italian journalism, as always able to report fake news as truthful news: never heard of verifying sources and news?

"Daily health"and "L'Espresso”, Plus others who are parrot-like in these hours following the principle of non-verification of sources, notoriously one of the founding principles of the professional journalist's professional ethics, publish falsehoods and defame us.

We refer, for example, to the article "Free vax" proposal of the M5S Lazio "appeared today 25 July 2018 on the website www.quotidianosanità.it at the following link:

In the text of the article, just below the title, we read ... "working group in which various associations that support free-vax parents participated: (...) Corvelva (that of the first sentence in Italy for terrorist vaccine posters)" ...
Here is the article published by "" entitled "The absurd law no vax of the 5 Star Movement in Lazio: quarantine for vaccinated children" at the following link: which quotes "As Quotidiano Sanità (...) Corvelva has been convicted of terrorist posters about vaccines."

Well the Corvelva association has NEVER RECEIVED ANY SENTENCE, nor has it ever published "terrorist" posters !!! Our awareness campaigns have always reported truthful and demonstrable facts.
Quotidianosanità is confused with another association - an association operating in another region and not at all confused with ours, "RIP" - to which all our solidarity for the event still goes (interesting in fact to note how the movements for freedom are thus easily accused of "terrorist" actions even when they admit an error and immediately correct the shot, as done by Rip precisely, while characters such as the ex-Minister Lorenzin, or Mr. Ricicciardi, or Dr. Villani, can easily talk about epidemics non-existent, to deny deaths recognized by vaccine, or the existence of damages from vaccine in general. These are very serious and worthy of convictions, in our opinion !!!).

We asked, of course, that the text of the articles be immediately corrected and that an "errata corrige" be published which explains without a doubt that it was an error by the editorial staff and the journalist and that the Corvelva association did not received no conviction and never published anything terrorist but only proven and provable facts; otherwise we anticipate that we will protect ourselves in the legal center for the defamation suffered.

One last clarification: the Corvelva association has never taken part in this "technical table" with Mr. Barillari, also because we are a regional association, we operate mainly in the Veneto Region, and this being a legislative proposal of the Lazio Region , did not see us actively participate in its drafting.

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