New indications "COVID-19: indications for the duration and termination of isolation and quarantine."

New indications "COVID-19: indications for the duration and termination of isolation and quarantine."

The Ministry of Health has issued some updates on quarantines and swabs, a few days ago:

Here we report (textual) the following
Asymptomatic close contacts: 14-day quarantine or 10-day quarantine and final negative antigen or molecular test.

We do not read that close contacts make a buffer and blissfully continue their activities, as proposed by a couple of weeks in schools with the famous "rapid tests", nor do we read that the whole family of the asymptomatic close contact of a positive, in the absence of tampone, should observe the quarantine (as some, including the director of Ullss2 Treviso, Dr. Benazzi, would like to imply).
Indeed, it is precisely the ministry that clarifies, in the same circular, the following:
(It is recommended to) not provide for quarantine or carry out diagnostic tests in close contacts of case close contacts (i.e. there was no direct contact with the confirmed case), unless the close contact of the case is subsequently positive any diagnostic tests or in the event that, based on the judgment of the health authorities, community screening is appropriate.

NB: THE INDICATIONS OF THIS CIRCULAR THROW NEW SCENARIOS ALSO ON THE SCHOOL CONTEXT, because according to what we read, in case of close contacts, the 10-day quarantine + final buffer OR the 14-day quarantine without buffer will be provided.
We will see if and when these last indications are implemented, the fact remains that in the light of all the above, the campaign of carpet swabs directly in schools launched by the Veneto in recent weeks, with "prior authorization", does not seem very sensible. to carry them out whenever they deem it appropriate: if ANYWAY isolation is envisaged, what are they to do?


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