Password: pressure

Password: pressure

In these days, especially between yesterday and today, we are feeling a certain tension in several political-institutional fora: the predictable and announced repercussions that these latest measures (greenpass for work) will have very shortly on the world of work, on the world of work, are beginning to be felt. business organization and productivity.

We know well that it is very difficult to get our voices to reach the comfortable armchairs in Rome; vice versa, we know from experience that local politics, from the regions downwards, are a little more sensitive to the discontented in their own territories.

Without naivety and therefore without deluding ourselves that the problem and the damage done to people's rights are understood at the level of empathy and humanity, or respect, we know, however, that one thing interests those who play the role of the politician: the votes.
Just as we know that Veneto's favorite electorate is largely made up of entrepreneurship, medium-large or small.

Well we believe this is the right moment to increase the load and pressure a little and for this reason we propose you to open your e-mail box and write, as entrepreneurs, artisans, freelancers that you are, how much the measures introduced with the Law Decree 127/2021 are worrying you - without forgetting to express the great problem linked to productivity which, inevitably, will suffer a severe blow, given that in all companies there will be enormous problems in coping with the announced absences of staff from 15 October onwards. All of this obviously seasoned with a little frustration (the same one you manifest to us) and, perhaps, with the promise to remind you of those who have endorsed these measures damaging the economic-social-productive fabric of your region / territory.

We repeat: we are under no illusion that it serves to sensitize them: rather the aim will be to make them smell the level of discontent that pervades their possible electorate.

Obviously, since we are in Veneto, we suggest you start with our president Zaia, mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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