First International Conference on Informed Consent: November 27, 2019

First International Conference on Informed Consent: November 27, 2019

Returning from Tel Aviv, we try to put together the thoughts that follow this important experience.

The first thing to do is to thank the four Israeli mothers who made this event possible.

Jody, Shiri, Oshra, Reut: thank you so much ladies, you are a wonderful team and you gave life to something amazing. Be proud of the result you have achieved as much as we are proud to be on your side.

The day before the conference we had the privilege of visiting Jerusalem together with the other speakers and organizers.
It was a moment of sharing that allowed us to get to know the activists who had come from Austria, Holland, Denmark, as well as Israel and to build relationships and spend very intense hours between art, religion but above all between reflections on the actions to be carried out together .
Among us there were, among others:

  • Dr. Jane Donegan, a London doctor who risked radiation for her critical position on mass vaccinations, but since what she denounced was seen to correspond to reality, the accusations against her declined;
  • Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, from Scotland, who has been under attack by the "big pharma" system for many years for uncovering manipulations of statin and cholesterol data and heart attacks. Author of Doctoring Data, an unmissable book in which he clearly exposes the manipulations to which we are subjected;
  • the two lawyers representing the Robert F. Kennedy jr association, Children's Health Defense: Mary Holland and Kim Mack Rosenberg, from the United States;
  • Del Bigtree, American journalist and activist, founder of ICAN and star of the broadcast "The HighWire", always on the front line at our side, unstoppable.

The following day the conference began at the Tel Aviv Expo, where we were asked to briefly explain the Italian situation that led Corvelva to carry out the analysis of the vaccines, the results of which were exposed by Dr. Bolgan.

The links for those wishing to watch the speeches that took place during the conference are these:
(intervention of the Freedom of Choice and Corvelva Committee from the minute 38.00)

or the interviews made by Del Bigtree:
(from 59.10 minutes the interview with Dr. Bolgan and Valeria Rampana)

Each speaker shared their data, there were good moments of confrontation with the public by doctors and lawyers.
Each information received was a seed that leads to new reflections and will surely generate future collaborations.

The pattern that has been outlined is always the same: anyone who has tried to make known and expose the problems related to vaccinations has found in front of him a wall of silence, derision, enormous resistance when not threats and insults.
This event was so uncomfortable that everything was planned to prevent it from happening:
Huge pressure was put on the organizers, they tried to make sure that the Tel Aviv Expo did not make the room available and that the Municipality denied the authorizations.
Children's Health Defense attorneys received fake emails informing them that the event had been canceled, thus canceling flights.
Sniffing the left-handed shot of some provax troll, the lawyers verified and understood that it was a fake, an attempt to boycott.

Unhappy, they sent both American lawyers letters written in Hebrew, incomprehensible to them, passing them off as welcome letters to be presented to the airport authorities upon arrival to simplify the bureaucratic steps of entering Israel.

In reality, other letters were written on the letters, namely that they were dangerous people who tried to make sure that the Israeli children did not get vaccinated and suggested that they should be stopped.

This attack also had no outcome, but this information is sufficient to understand that we are facing something really huge and that we must be determined to fight and not give up, because we are truly in the trenches.
The following day, meetings were held with all those present at the conference and some other participants, to discuss each other and establish contacts and relationships to act in the near future.

It is clear that the global agenda that aims to deny freedom of therapeutic choice travels at great speed and only by joining everyone's strength can we counter it.

Just to give an example, for 2022 the entry into force of the "vaccination passport" is planned in Europe, that is a sort of "vaccination card" that aims to register each individual, and that in all probability will be exploited for the purpose to place further restrictions on our freedoms, including movement from country to country.
We will keep you updated on the actions we will take, we want you to know that we are not alone, that in every country the pattern is repeated and that everywhere in the world there are parents like us who do not give up.

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