On the new predictions of the latest government birth

On the new predictions of the latest government birth

Ciao a tutti

We know that these are anxious hours and that you have a thousand questions to ask and many hypotheses to elaborate but, without a text in the Gazzetta, we would talk about nothing.
As always, before expressing ourselves and taking stock of the situation, we are waiting to have a definitive text at hand, even if it is useless to deny that certainly what will come out will have very heavy profiles and very serious will be the repercussions for everyone.
Unfortunately we are living in a historical period that is not exaggerated to define "nightmare".

Only, we would like to be able to be of comfort but at the moment we really do not have fixed points on which to reason in a lucid and serious way.
We are all tired, but we must find the strength within us to go through this dark period while maintaining the courage, the will to fight and move forward.

It is useless to hide behind a finger: if the measures circulated in the draft are confirmed by the final text, it will be a severe blow for many people, mothers and fathers in the first place who have already fought and made sacrifices from 2017 to today; we are these, mostly: we are the same people who have been fighting for years, gritting their teeth and moving forward, between good and bad days and a thousand difficulties. We will continue to do so, each as and as much as he can, each knowing that he is not alone in this battle and we will try to overcome every obstacle together, as always.

A hug to each of you.


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