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Initial results on Hexyon chemical composition

Initial results on Hexyon chemical composition

Expressing our thanks for the great deal of criticism of our analysis methods -relating to the previous results of Infanrix Hexa and Priorix Tetra chemical profile - we are not happy at all to report that Hexyon exavalent as well shows a number of issues, if nothing else it contains some antigens -and we are obviously talking about the same type of analysis and method by which according to some “scientists” we would have not found anything at all ..

Our Final Technical Report answers here (link the comments and the critics provided over the last weeks. We suggest you to read and share the above mentioned document together with the reports, as the clarifications are quite factual and detailed.

In this Hexyon batch (exavalent 6in1) it has been found, as in the previuos analyzed vaccines:

  • Chemical contaminants from the manufacturing process or cross contaminants from different production lines
  • Chemical toxins
  • Glutaraldehyde

Unlike Infanrix Hexa, using the same method, it has been found:

  • Protein antigens of Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis toxoids

It hasn't been found:

  • Protein antigens of Hepatitis B, Haemophylus influenzae B, Poliomyelitis 1-2-3.
  • Formaldehyde, antibiotic residues as labeled in the composition

This time we have not found a polymer, unsolvable and indigestible, as in Infanrix Hexa (link evidence proving that the problem was not in the method but in the product.

However in this case too we are compared with a product that does NOT seem to contain what it should. Namely, we have found only 3 antigens out of 6.

In addition, 216 signs of chemical contaminants, of which only 30% is known, have been found and among them various process residues and probable cross contaminations from different production lines, similarly to previous analysis.
Among these signs also 16 toxins have been identified, probably originating in the antigens' manufacturing process or other processes at the vaccine production site.

We'd really like to stress this point: we are researching the quality of the vaccines and as a consequence we are able to draw information about their safety and efficacy, and in fact it seems difficult to understand how it is possible to say these products can create protective antibodies against the 6 diseases they should protect from, and even harder to understand how these contents can be claimed as not toxic to newborns, as we can't find any traces of many unidentifiable compounds in the main databases. As always, we are awaiting the opinion of the scientific community on this matter.

In conclusion, Hexyon exavalent too, just like Infanrix hexa, as for the methodology we have commissioned, casts major doubts on both its effectiveness and on its safety.
We will go ahead, and await answers.

Note: we will add the current analysis onHexyon and on Gardasil 9 -which will be published in the next hours- to the ones already filed into the legal proceeding at the Public Prosecutor's office.

Download: CORVELVA-Study-on-the-chemical-composition-profile-of-Hexyon.pdf

Translated by CLiVa team -


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