The complaint filed with the public prosecutor regarding metagenomic analyzes

The complaint filed with the public prosecutor regarding metagenomic analyzes
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On 16 August 2018, our complaint concerning the results of the metagenomic analyzes we commissioned was deposited at the Public Prosecutor's Office in Rome (criminal court).

There are a number of significant discrepancies between what was declared by the manufacturers of the medicines in the illustrative documentation and in the technical data sheet of the individual vaccine, and what was found in the analyzes. In some cases, this difference results in a real danger to public health.

In particular we point out:

• presence of genetic variants in significant numbers in the component antigens, in the absence of any scientific study on health safety in the literature. In the absence of scientific studies carried out on the safety of the individual genetic variants, it is in no way possible to verify whether the vaccinated population has had autoimmune, neurological, tumor diseases (mutant genomes have in fact been inoculated), or other pathologies, as a consequence of the administration of these variants, so it is not possible to affirm the absence of pathological consequences of their administration.
• The presence of large DNA fragments from a whole human genome, which contain potentially infectious retroviruses (HERVs) and are able to integrate into the DNA of host cells with a potential carcinogenic effect, and which could be immunogenic, i.e. induce formation of autoimmune anti-DNA antibodies.
• The presence of proteins expressed by human RNA, with immunogenic properties, that is, capable of triggering allergic or hypersensitivity reactions, as much as the proteins expressed by RNA coming from embryonic animal (chicken) cell lines, as belonging to a human organism other than that of the vaccinated (this is a serious one
problem for example for proteins for therapeutic use of human origin).

We invite you to read the full text of the complaint because there are many and different evidences that cause concern and that have been reported.

Exposed text

What is asked is: that the Most Executed Public Prosecutor's Office wishes to order the appropriate investigations in relation to the facts as detailed in the narrative, evaluating any profiles of criminal illegality of the same, in particular assessing the existence or otherwise of the cases referred to in articles 440 and / or 443 of the criminal code
The purpose of the present complaint is also to formulate a complaint, always in relation to the facts described above, in the event that from the investigations carried out by the competent Authorities should emerge cases of crime for which the law requires the prosecution of a part of the complaint.

Our work does not end here, we are proceeding to further deepen these same analyzes and have expanded them to other vaccine samples; we are also considering carrying out other analyzes also evaluating the chemical compositions (next project starting very shortly). Any further evidence will be filed to expand the contents of the complaint.

To support Corvelva in this process, and help us bring out the truth about the content of these drugs (so fideistically and illicitly defined as "very safe and very effective"), you can make a donation (link) or contribute by joining (link). Each contribution will be a step forward towards freedom.

Thank you, Corvelva Staff

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