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The dark side of philanthropy

The dark side of philanthropy

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CORVELVA Papers 2 2020 IT webIn 2014 in Kenya some doctors and 27 bishops denounced the government, WHO and UNICEF for administering to over one million women a tetanus vaccine containing an antigen that produces abortive antibodies.

At a time when all the spotlight is on the search for the Covid-19 vaccine and the mainstream media are taking on the burden of praising all the merciful philanthropy of people like Bill Gates and the search for the vaccine that will save humanity from extinction, at a time when dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, director of the WHO, is committed to raising funds from various nations in order to make them available to the pharmaceutical industry, tweeting thanks to the Presidents and leaders who adhere to this sort of great world philanthropic event, we want to fish out some skeletons from the cupboard which, fatally, involves the same actors on the field.

In particular, we recall what happened in 2014 in Kenya, when some doctors and 27 bishops denounced the Government, WHO and UNICEF for administering a million women with a tetanus vaccine containing an antibody-producing abortive antigen. These women (including many girls) received, without knowing it, an experimental vaccine which was found to be able to sterilize the female population. But let's get things in order, and try to assess the facts, keeping in mind the names and institutions involved.

Why did they investigate? What went wrong? First of all, the procedures for managing vaccines and their administration: the vials arrived escorted by the police, they were administered by operators who were also escorted, instead by the usual hospital medical staff; in addition, the doses were 5 in a period of 6 months, compared to the usual 3 spread over the years and, above all, the recipients of the extraordinary campaign were only women and only in fertile age (14-49 years).

The alarm was raised in April by the Association of Catholic Doctors and the country's Episcopal Conference who became suspicious of the practice and the lack of a tetanus emergency, had 6 vaccine samples analyzed in a laboratory, thus discovering that these vaccines were produced by adding the Beta-Hcg hormone (a hormone necessary for pregnancy) to the tetanus toxoid. In this way, the body would activate an antibody response against the same hormone, preventing future conceptions. They managed to send several vaccine samples to different laboratories, and thus found confirmation of their suspicions.

A statement from the Association of Catholic Catholics in Kenya notified that the results confirmed their worst fears:

"The WHO campaign does not aim to eradicate neonatal tetanus but is a well-coordinated and effective mass sterilization attempt for population control"

It should be noted that UNICEF and WHO distribute vaccines for free in several developing countries, and that financial incentives are also provided for governments to participate in these programs.

When UN funds are not enough to purchase annual vaccine quotas, an organization started and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI, provides extra funding for many of these vaccination programs in "poor countries".

One wonders: the great benefactors who are now spending themselves to offer us an experimental vaccine against what seems to be, in their opinion, the millennium epidemic, are the same who perpetrated these crimes against humanity only a few years ago?

What do these facts bring to mind? An interesting parallel is perhaps possible with what happened in Italy, following the analyzes that Corvelva performed on various vials and vaccines batches: the common denominator is the product, the vaccine, which is never allowed to be, and therefore should never be, questioned. More similarities arise when we read a statement from the Kenyan doctors, who denounce the intimidation attempts suffered, with threats of disciplinary action against them. Very familiar, if we think of the inquisitive attitude of recent years against those who have dared in Italy to express doubts about the mass vaccination practice.

There, however, the story had a different ending, as the government was forced to put an end to the experimentation underway. On the other hand, the doctors themselves seem less likely to hang from the lips of pharmaceutical companies and international organizations than they do here.

It is strange for a westerner to think that in Africa there are doctors and citizens who do not blindly trust WHO and "humanitarian" organizations (NGOs), because we are used to a narrative that requires institutions like WHO to be salvific, that the population, especially in the poorest countries, pray for more vaccines and more aid. We have been used to imagine a population that expects nothing more than to be inundated with vaccination programs, even experimental ones, because this would be their only salvation. This is what they try to convince us. Instead, here are the words of Stephen Karanja, president of the Association of Catholic Doctors of Kenya:

"The African Church is aware that the WHO cannot be trusted blindly ... The campaign that started here is identical to the one that was carried out in the Philippines, Mexico and Nicaragua, sponsored by the same entities."

As a matter of fact, we remember that the same dynamics had already occurred in these countries in the 1990s.

Therefore, it would seem that those who have always been presented to us as most in need of help are also accustomed to distrusting the so-called benefactors and this is for a very simple and clear reason: these institutions would have been protagonists in recent history of iniquities, of which, however, the rest the world hardly gets to know. But, since today they are all financing these same people, expecting their help, it seems necessary to investigate a little more.

For those who are interested, we attach to the article you can find on our website an official interview of Raila Odinga (, Prime Minister of Kenya from 2008 to 2013,  explaining the events and confirming the truthfulness of the accusations: listen to him, his statements are rather shocking.

In conclusion we are to reaffirm that the growing mistrust of national and international institutions, philanthropic NGOs and some health policies, results from a system that for years has developed and sponsored programs in contrast with personal freedoms. In this precise historical time when politics is weakened, the idea that the scientocratic oligarchy itself, or worse dictatorial philanthropy, is able to dictate world health policies, just scares us.

Raila Odinga (Maseno, 7 gennaio 1945) he is a Kenyan politician, prime minister of Kenya from 2008 to 2013, here in an interview he explains what happened in Kenya




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