For 18 years, specifically established Commissions of inquiry have been attempting to respond to thousands of cases of serious illnesses and deaths among Italian military personnel, investigating their causes and taking into account the exposure to multiple risk factors.

All doubts have been cast away: prophylactic vaccination is among the pathogenic factors that have triggered this alarming situation in the Italian Army. During its investigation campaign, the IV Parliamentary Commission examined the cases in which vaccination led to adverse reactions, with the onset of autoimmune and neoplastic diseases occurring in a portion of the military population not subjected to risk factors except those associated with vaccination.

The report ends by stating: “In the light of the evidence collected, the Commission confirms the existence of a statistically significant relation between neoplastic and lymphoproliferative diseases and other diseases (e.g. autoimmune diseases), and the administration of vaccines, according to the provisions of military prophylactic vaccination. The Commission believes that a causal link cannot be excluded.

Now, finally, after 25 years we receive the answers to the following questions:

Are vaccines safe to give to our children?

The safety of vaccination is really important for those people who want to be vaccinated or would like to vaccinate their children, especially now that vaccines are legally binding throughout Europe. Until today hardly any studies may confirm the safety of vaccination1.

In fact the Committee clearly points out that there are still several doubts about the safety of vaccines approved for military and civil use (which are the same) in Italy2.

The risks that vaccines might lead to healthy problems increase if they are given as a combination  or when the human body hasn’t had enough time to eliminate the adiuvantis, the eccipients  and the contaminants content in them3-4-5. While our politicians are saying that the mentioned risks are not supported by any medical research, the Committee now asserts that only singular vaccines should be given. An obligatory medical procedure that may put in danger the health of the children can’t be hidden or minimised by the Government and by doctors6-7.

Where in the Report?

1. «(…) the Commission has preliminarily acknowledged the absence of any scientific study in the literature aimed at assessing the tolerability of the total quantity of the components of the vaccines with reference to adjuvants, preservatives, antigens and allergens, excipients and contaminants, also in relation to the consequences in terms of hypersensitivity and adverse reactions already reported by the individual vaccine producing industries»
(pag. 154)

2. «The single vaccines administered to the military, which are the same ones authorised by AIFA for the civil sector, contain adjuvants, preservatives and contaminants, within the limits of the single marketing authorisations. An authorised drug is taken into account individually and the parameters, as well as the criteria, to determine the threshold beyond which a component becomes toxic, are determined by the fact that the drug is taken alone. However, in this case the issue regards the administration of a vaccination schedule for mandatory prophylaxis, and not of a single vaccination, so the drugs and their components add up. The verification that this sum still respects the thresholds of the individual vaccine is essential. If this were not the case, the soldier would be exposed to unnecessary risks of immunosuppression and adverse reactions (caused by the foreign components to the active ingredients and by the active ingredient itself).»
(pag. 157-158)

3. «From the calculations made by the Commission it emerged that at the end of prophylactic the amount of contaminants taken (calculated as Adjuvants + contaminants + excipients) is between about 8.32 and 8.42 g. However, this value is underestimated because biological contaminants have not been tested - i.e. viruses, bacteria, mycoplasmas and mycobacteria, as well as fetal human DNA and animal DNA - that come from the biological tissues of vaccine culture»
(pag. 166)

4. «(…) the cumulative amount of the various components of the vaccines exceeds the permitted limit for the marketing authorisation of the single vaccine (…)»
(pag. 143)

5. «In the light of the findings, the Commission finds the need to use more purified vaccines, so that the limit of components in cumulative quantities falls within the permitted limit for the individual component of each vaccine, in terms individual AICs have recognized them as non- hazardous to health.»
(pag. 155)

6. «The analysis of the table shows that vaccines that have a high content of components in quantitative terms, but also of varieties of foreign components, determine a greater number of adverse reactions»
(pag. 139)

7. «The Commission found that the prescription of monovalent and single dose vaccines, apart for the two trivalents MMR and DTP, appears to be compliant. The Commission, for the reasons already expressed in the interim report, and reiterated in the paragraphs above, also considers the monovalent single-dose supply of the latter two to be in conformity with the precautionary principle»
(pag. 186)


Are some pre-vaccinal tests available to prevent adverse reactions?

Is it possible to prevent serious vaccines side effects in healty children?8-9-10

Until today we only  received negative responses11-12-13 from those who have put us in this difficult and unpleasant situation. The explanations given don’t appear to be supported by any scientific relevance.

The Committee shows how important would be getting pre-vaccines tests and have decided to not allow14 soldiers that didn’t pass these tests to be accepted in the Army.

The Committee also points out that the document  signed by the militaries at the time of vaccination has any value  because it is only a screening which doesn’t permit to know if their immune system will be able to handle the vaccines safely.

Neighter it is useful to know if a multiple vaccines may overwhelm the immune system. From this point of view how would be the immune response to vaccine by neonates or infants without the support of any pre-vaccination test15? Even though the Pharmaceutical companies have always suggested these tests to prevent serious side effects, our Government has never promoted their introduction but they have repeatedly denied the advantages to use them.


Where in the Report?

8. «As can be seen from the above table, rather than an evaluation on tolerability for each individual element, the choice to carry out an overall tolerability assessment for the vaccine to be administered can be practicable. This would also highlight the possible intolerance or hypersensitivity to the combined allergens»
(pag. 126)

9. «The confirmation of the need to adopt precautions for adverse reactions is sustained by the fact that pharmaceutical companies require a greater number of examinations and checks in proportion to the increased number of active ingredients that they contain.»
(pag. 184)

10. «To this end, the Commission suggests that the hypersensitivity assessment methodology should account for the entire vaccine in place of the individual ingredient in order to verify the effects of the administration of the drug considered in its entirety. The evaluation of hypersensitivity to the entire drug could be carried out in analogy to that relating to food intolerances, studying the lymphocyte reaction on the vaccine's blood (...)»
(pag. 186)

11. «There are 22 indications to carry out pre-vaccination tests aimed at excluding the existence of any immunosuppression, 7 those involving the preventive assessment of the efficiency or inefficiency of the immune system, 3 those referring to the need to exclude autoimmune diseases, 9 are the oncological diseases and, for various reasons, as many as 11 that require an analysis of potential immunodeficiency»
(pag. 170)

12. «(...)the hypersensitivity indicated in the registration files and technical attachments to vaccines, even if only individually considered, confirm the need for prevaccinal analyses»
(pag. 143)

13. «There are 81 elements for which a sensitivity or allergy assessment is required for all vaccines analysed and included in the military prophylactic vaccination, in addition to the active ingredients of the vaccine»
(pag. 170)

14. «Secondly, the Commission insists on the need to reduce the risk due to the administration procedure, by providing for it to be entrusted to the National Health Facility and that at the time of enrolment the military who do not pass the pre-vaccination tests are excluded. These tests must detect any changes in the immune system and hypersensitivity»
(pag. 155)

15. «In particular, pharmaceutical companies request the application of appropriate precautions for the use of the vaccine and, among other things, the verification of the state of health of the vaccine and the absence of the diseases listed below at the time of vaccination.»
(pag. 168 e successive)


Can serious side effects to vaccines occur?

The Committee highlights what we have been screaming for years. The most honest answer that our Government should give us would be: “we don’t know"16-17-18 because we don’t monitor and also we don’t promote at all spontaneous reporting. Too many families have been destroyed because their children had experienced some serious side effect after vaccination.

Not in all cases these illness have been recognised as  consequence of vaccines19-20-21.

We are not talking about a simple financial compensation which may be useful but  we are talking about justice and thruth. We are waiting for an admission of guilty of politicians and doctors. These families didn’receive the proper information about risks and benefits of vaccination from pediatrician or from doctors.

Of course it is possible to obtain information about the risks linked to vaccinations  on our own initiative in the books or on the Internet but actually this should be responsibility of the Ordine dei Medici. The issue is much more serious than people think.

The Committee of inquiry has demonstrated that the side effects had been monitored only in the short run, that’s why the only information provided don’t concern the long term deseases which are considered without importance.

Our Government, who decides when and how many vaccines we must give to our children, thinks that long term side effects of vaccinations don’t deserve any attention22. It is unacceptable that this should happening in a civilised State. Force people in that way means don’t respect them and their freedom, especially if we think about all those families that have seen their children getting sick after vaccination.

The evidence on possible causal association between immunizations and certain adverse outcomes are denied by public health authorities.


Where in the Report?

16. «In light of the evidence collected, the Commission confirms that there is a statistically significant association between neoplastic and lymphoproliferative diseases, and other diseases (e.g. autoimmune diseases), and the administration of vaccines according to military prophylactic vaccination. The Commission considers that it can not rule out the link of the case»
(pag. 156)

17. «the adverse reactions reported in the registration files and technical attachments to vaccines, even if only individually considered, confirm the need for a personalized risk assessment on prophylactic vaccination and the need for long-term periodic monitoring of each individual vaccine.»
(pag. 154)

18. «Although the Commission is aware of the fact that adverse reactions differ between adults and children, it is important not to underestimate the overall amount of aluminium administered to military personnel during the entire prophylaxis, as in adults the greatest degree of development of the immune and nervous systems at the time of vaccination, and the possible forms of physiological autoimmunity, they can favour the induction of lymphoproliferative reactions and autoimmune diseases, as shown by the list of undesirable effects, adverse reactions and contraindications, contained in the technical data sheets prepared by pharmaceutical companies. In this regard, see the appropriate section Undesirable effects, adverse reactions and contraindications of this report.»
(pag. 160)

19. «As already highlighted in the July interim report, vaccination involves risks in terms of immunosuppression, hyperimmunization, autoimmunity and hypersensitivity issues. This statement was confirmed by the analysis of public vaccine documents, such as leaflets and datasheets (see section 4.4 of the SPCs provided by AIFA), as summarized in the following table»
(pag. 168)

20. «Important information has come to light from the analysis of side effects, adverse events and contraindications. In total, the reactions counted as high as 240, with a frequency varying from 10% to "unknown frequency"»
(pag. 174)

21. «Furthermore, it should be noted that the data sent by the pharmaceutical company show the indication of a series of autoimmune diseases (indicated in bold and with an asterisk in the table) as undesirable effects or adverse reactions to vaccination»
(pag. 185)

22. «It should be emphasized that monitoring of adverse reactions is carried out in a very short time after vaccination, which is why immediate adverse reactions are much more frequent, while rare reactions are related to longer-term pathologies requiring a population sample very large, often not achieved during the marketing authorization phase. For this reason, non-acute adverse reactions are significantly underestimated»
(pag. 185)


Are the vaccines contaminated?

The contamination of the vaccines is clear by giving a simple glance to the tables on pages 157, 159, 169 and the photo on page 165 of the Commission report.

Not only are they contaminated with many substances declared by the same pharmaceutical companies, but there has not been a desire on the part of world politics to delve into specific independent analyzes. German, Italian, French and American associations have over the years made various analyzes on vaccines asking the various control bodies to reconfirm the alarming results through specific analyzes. Every single time the simple request for confirmation was disregarded. Every single time we went to attack the methodology of analysis but never compare it with other analyzes or try to reproduce the result.

The answer to this question should be "Absolutely yes, but to understand the real quantities, analyzes should be carried out in independent laboratories, not subsidized and without any conflict of interest".

But the real question at this point should be: WHY?

Can multiple immunizations affect our children’s health?

Our Government imposes 9 immunizations in order to allow italian children to be accepted in kindergardens and preschools, pointing out that kids already immunised implement this obligation.

They may have already contracted one or more diseases but not all contained in the vaccines. In this case It would be reasonable to give only some specific vaccines not a useless combination. But in Italy the mono-vaccine are not available and doctors give multiple vaccines in all cases. Let’s talk about the damages of this procedure! Last month the Mass Media said that no risk occurs if a naturally immunised child gets vaccinated for the same illness.

The Committee brutally disproves this view saying that: “ in order to prevent serious side effects of immunizations, only single vaccines should be given instead of multiple vaccines at once, while several militaries, as adults, might be already immunised to some antigens contained in multiple vaccines.” “It is therefore recommended to keep attention to the pre-vaccine medical history of all patients.” Unfortunately for our children there are hardly any possibility to get mono dose vaccine and nobody will order for them any pre-vaccination tests.



See the final report of the IV Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry “Depleted Uranium” translated and certified by the Court of Genoa.

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