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Vaccinegate in Parliament: Press conference at the Congress of Deputies

Press Release, January 21st, 2019

2On January 24th, 2019 – 1.00 PM

by CORVELVA - Coordinamento Regionale Veneto per la Libertà delle Vaccinazioni

For the presentation of quali-quantitative analyses on specific vaccines used in Italy and proposed by the NHS, commissioned by the association to professionals in the sector to follow up the investigations requested in the final report of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry "Depleted Uranium", in order to "check compliance with the technical sheet as well as the presence of non-dosed components , and that has not been implemented. This objective, already established by the law setting up the Commission, has not been achieved due to the limited financial resources available to the Commission ".

Parents, who due to the extension of the vaccination obligation have found themselves forced to administer many doses of these pharmaceutical products to their children, driven by the precautionary principle and in the exclusive interest of the children, they wanted to bear the financial burdens for the implementation of the survey on their compliance, where the State could not immediately, even considering it necessary, provide.

In an environment of missing dialogue between the institutions and the citizens as shown over the last 2 years for the crucial topic of freedom of choice on vaccination, where the debate on constitutionally guaranteed rights, as self-determination and freedom of choice in the therapeutic field has lowered to sterile clashes between supposed rival pro-vax and no-vax factions, the results of the analyses have so far been mostly ignored or accused of being “amateur stuff”, despite repeated requests for an open confrontation, even from Vincenzo D’Anna, the President of the National Society of chartered Biologists, to the Competent Authorities responsible for drugs monitoring and regulation and for public health protection.

Goals, methods, and results of the laboratory analysis carried out will be presented by Dr. Loretta Bolgan, who has been following all stages of the work; she will highlight the main non-conformities found in the analysed batches and the open questions requiring further urgent answers from the Institutions.

Mandatory vaccination is still a topical and profoundly felt issue for many citizens: law 119/2017, introduced by the former government, is up and running, while the draft law 770 is under discussion in the 12th Senate Committee, providing a so -called “flexible mandate”, but at the same time they ignore the proposal of citizens’ initiative “Suspension of the obligation to vaccinate children age 0-16”. The Promoting Committee, composed of citizens, took the lead in Summer 2018 and collected more than 100.000 signatures in just four weeks, 75.000 of which were then filed in the Congress of Deputies on September 20.

The Italian Constitution states that the law can not in any case violate the limits imposed by respect for the human person; politics has a duty to ensure that no one is forced to suffer discrimination and that no one can be limited in his right to exercise critical thinking and freedom of opinion.

We would therefore like to invite all our elected representatives, who will have to deliberate on the topic, to participate in the presentation of the results, hoping that this may be an opportunity to open a direct dialogue between legislator and citizen which has so far failed.


  • The MEP Ivan Catalano – Vice-president of Parliamentary Commission for Investigation 'Depleted Uranium' (XVII) Legislature;
  • Dr. Loretta Bolgan – Chemistry specializing in pharmaceutical technologies;
  • Andrea Rinaldelli, father of Francesco, a deceased Alpino (special army forces), who has been following the work of various committees for years and still looking for an answer to his son's death.
  • The Press Conference will be moderated by Nassim Langrudi, representative of Corvelva Association
  • Two representatives of C.Li.Va will be at the side of Corvelva Association

Please register at the press conference by sending an email to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. within 10.00am, January, 23, 2019.

We remind that men are required to wear a jacket.

Download: CORVELVA-PRESS-CONFERENCE-24gen2019-Press-Release.pdf

Translated by team CLiVa -


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