Vaccine Report 2021 - Postmarketing surveillance in Italy

Vaccine Report 2021 - Postmarketing surveillance in Italy

The 2021 Vaccine Report describes the vaccine vigilance activities conducted in Italy by the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) in collaboration with the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) and the Working Group for Vaccinovigilance.

These activities consist of monitoring and evaluating reports of suspected adverse reactions to vaccines, both spontaneous (passive pharmacovigilance) and stimulated by appropriate independent studies (active pharmacovigilance), conducted by the Regions in collaboration with AIFA, with the exclusion of anti-COVID vaccines. 19 for which please refer to the dedicated Report.

Each report, coming from both professionals in the healthcare sector and citizens, is inserted into the National Pharmacovigilance Network (RNF).


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