IMPORTANT NOTE: This information provides a snapshot of the European situation in September 2023. Please note that for more specific and up-to-date information on a single country, it is advisable to contact the local organisations.

Vaccination policies

According to the regulations establishing a program of "vaccination and protection with drugs" for 2015 (Official Gazette of the RS, n. 40/15) in Slovenia there are 9 (nine) mandatory vaccines plus other vaccines for some workers:

  1. diphtheria (from 3 months of age, 5 doses)
  2. haemophilus influenzae type B (from 3 months of age, 4 doses)
  3. hepatitis B (5 to 6 years of age, 3 doses)
  4. measles (at 12 months and at 5-6 years, 2 doses)
  5. mumps (at 12 months and at 5-6 years, 2 doses)
  6. whooping cough (from 3 months of age onwards, 5 doses)
  7. polio (from 3 months of age, 4 doses)
  8. rubella (at 12 months and at 5-6 years, 2 doses)
  9. tetanus (from 3 months of age, 6 doses).

Vaccination and drug protection against certain communicable diseases are done according to the relevant safety and risk assessment statement for employees exposed to infectious diseases at work and in work situations where employees could transfer infection to others.

According to the current Slovenian vaccination law, the following sanctions apply:

  • under the Law on Infectious Diseases (ZNB), fines for refusing vaccination range from 41 to 417 euros per parent and per child;
  • the Inspection Act (ZIN) provides for a fine of 500 euros for non-compliance with the inspector's orders under the mandatory vaccination program;
  • under the Administrative Procedure Act (GAPA), there is a fine of 200 euros for failure to respond within specified time limits to invitations from health inspectors and for unexcused absences.

Doctors are required to check the person to be vaccinated and their medical records to identify any potential risk of permanent deterioration of the person's health, as this could be a reason to suspend vaccination.

The following are considered potential reasons for a vaccine waiver:

  • allergies to vaccine ingredients;
  • serious adverse events after a previous dose of the same vaccine;
  • disease or medical condition deemed incompatible with the vaccine.


Unvaccinated children in Slovenia: Kindergartens and schools currently cannot legally require children to be vaccinated. Doctors are, however, obliged to sign a health certificate certifying the child's suitability to attend school or specifying the possible presence of allergies, but vaccination status is considered private.


According to the law onprimary education, parents have the right to educate their children at home. However, they "must notify the school in which their child is enrolled in writing to homeschool no less than three months before the start of the school year."

This notification "must contain the following information: the publicly established curriculum that the child will follow during home schooling, the child's first and last name, the location where the education will take place, and the person's first and last name or the people who will teach the child."

The primary school in which the pupil is enrolled is obliged to "keep the documentation relating to the pupil's home education" and the law prescribes that such pupils "must receive a level of education at least equivalent to that provided for in the compulsory program provided by the public school". For this reason, "the student must take exams on the basis of which the level of knowledge achieved is assessed". Exams are carried out at the end of each school year.

For more information visit the websiteHSLDA.

Vaccination schedule

For more information visit the websiteEcdc.

Recognition and compensation for vaccine injuries

When side effects do occur, doctors usually dismiss them as coincidences and rarely report them. Reporting is available only to doctors or medical institutions, not to individuals or patients.

We are not aware of any laws that compensate for vaccine injuries.

Local organizations pro-freedom of choice in the therapeutic field

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Obligations in Europe
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