IMPORTANT NOTE: This information provides a snapshot of the European situation in September 2023. Please note that for more specific and up-to-date information on a single country, it is advisable to contact the local organisations.

Vaccination policies

The Hungarian vaccination system is the most rigorous in the world. Includes most mandatory vaccinations. 14 vaccinations against 23 pathogens are administered. This means 16 vaccinations up to the age of 12.

  1. diphtheria
  2. haemophilus influenzae tybe B
  3. hepatitis B
  4. measles
  5. mumps
  6. whooping cough
  7. pneumococcus
  8. polio
  9. rubella
  10. tetanus
  11. tuberculosis

Parents who choose not to vaccinate their children can be fined. In practice, 99% agree with doctors to give a vaccine stamp while the vaccine is not administered to the child. Those few who discovered the vaccine problem during their child's adverse effects and decided to fight the system are taken to court, where they are fined until the child is vaccinated. Very few of them have paid their fines.


There are no cases where he was prevented from going to school due to missing vaccines.


Public education legislation allows homeschooling under certain conditions, but it is still in its infancy. The choice of the most appropriate form of education is one of the rights of parents guaranteed by the Constitution. Depending on the parents' choice, compulsory education can be completed by attending school or as a private student (CXC Law of 2011 on National Public Education, Article 45, Section 5).

In most cases, children are home-schooled due to illness or other special circumstances, such as permanent residence abroad or engagement in some kind of profession (such as sports or the arts). The law requires that pupils studying at home are enrolled in a specific institution which, according to its rules, is obliged to help pupils complete their education by offering regular consultations and personal assistance from teaching staff.

For more information visit the websiteHSLDA.

Vaccination schedule

For more information visit the websiteEcdc.

Recognition and compensation for vaccine injuries

It seems that in Hungary there are no adverse reactions to vaccines. The regulation itself is quite correct and educational on the issue. It states that everything must be reported without thinking whether it is a side effect of the vaccine or not, as time will tell after collecting the data. In practice, doctors reject any hypothesis of a causal relationship with the administered vaccine. In the very rare case in which a doctor sends a report, it will be rejected by the authority as an "unproven side effect", not even appearing in the registers.

Local organizations pro-freedom of choice in the therapeutic field

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Obligations in Europe

Obligations in Europe
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