Make a donation

Make a donation

If you find that what we do is important and you want to help us carry out current and other future projects, you can give your free voluntary contribution to our Association.

Any amount, even the smallest, will be important to help Corvelva continue its battle for freedom of treatment and therapeutic choice, against any health tax, and for independent scientific studies and publications.

We will continue to support all parents who choose to be free and defend the rights of their children.
We will continue to support the need for a true and open, democratic debate, both politically and scientifically.

Thank you!

Bank Transfer

Bank transfer Bank transfer made out to Corvelva APS
Via Roma 19 - 36040 - Grumolo delle Abbadesse (VI)

IBAN: IT32L0859060420000900018879
At Banca del Veneto Centrale


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