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 In Italy there has been a vaccination obligation since 2017 (Law 119/2017)(1) ruthless that precludes sociality and aggregation in pre-school age for children who have not undergone 10 mandatory vaccines.
These children, theoretically having equal rights to all others (Art 3. Constitution),(2) they are deprived of the possibility of attending nursery schools and nursery schools. They are literally treated like plague victims, despite being perfectly healthy children. They suffer very serious consequences on a social level because they cannot go to nursery school like the others, who instead "have the right" because they have received all 10 vaccines with related boosters.

These children "not in compliance" with the law are deprived of the possibility of receiving preparation for school, that primary school which, however, they will be able to easily attend even without vaccines because in Italy, as we know, what counts is not logic, nor science, much less the protection of citizens' health... what matters is dogmatism, subservience, blind obedience and political supporters, the fake struggles based on fake ideals and the fake oppositions useful exclusively to conquer some seats or extra seat.

Are these "unfit" children sick? No.
Do they get sick more easily? No.
Do they infect more? No.
Are they part of society? Of course, but they can't go to kindergarten. They can go anywhere, but not to the places designed to welcome them. What is the point of all this, if not the search for a punitive act that we are well familiar with with the Covid19 restrictions and obligations?

The parents of these children do not have the right to make a free choice about their children's health. Like all citizens, they pay taxes, which also serve to subsidize those facilities which are denied by law only to their children. And this even with just one missing reminder, regardless of the motivations, as the blind and obtuse "Italian-style" bureaucracy demands. 

For almost 7 years this constitutional massacre has been accepted in general silence. But do you know how all this came about? 

Let's try to summarize how we ended up in this situation.


The former Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin,(3) the President of the Italian Medicines Agency Sergio Pecorelli(4) (later resigned due to alleged conflicts of interest)(5) and the Scientific Counselor of the Embassy in Washington Ranieri Guerra(6) (now right-hand man of the WHO director) went to the White House to meet with the President of the United States of America Barack Obama as part of the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA).(7) They returned with a specific assignment: Italy “leader for global vaccination strategies” for the five-year period 2015/2020(8) and from this moment on the powerful vaccine-centric push began.

Right from the start you sense that something is happening. Italy is part of a much larger system and this appears clear when looking at the first American states, such as California, which begin to enact laws to eliminate the possibility of exemption from vaccinations for ethical-religious reasons. For us Italians it is a little-known concept but in the United States of America it is not; in many states, even in the presence of compulsory vaccination, the principle of exemption from any health treatment for ethical-religious reasons applies and in 2014 California was the very first state to abolish it. 

The climate is literally absurd and to add fuel to the fire, the ever-present Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin, turns all the television programs ranting about "children dying in London from Measles". Hundreds of deaths every year in London alone, arrogantly says the Minister who was lulled by Forza Italia and then migrated to the Democratic Party. 

He will repeat the same nonsense to the media acclaim well into 2016.


In Italy, media operations are starting to be carried out aimed at generating terrorism for some diseases, in particular meningitis. The available vaccines are advertised via radio and TV, in particular the one against meningococcal B produced solely by GlaxoSmithKline and still experimental at the time (and to which we will return at the end of the article). 

Months in which announcements of deaths were continuously pumped out by every means of information, at any time, a drip that generated a real psychosis in the population, so much so that, in the very first days of 2017, the Istituto Superiore di Sanità intervened with a note on its website, calling the situation a “media epidemic.”(9)  We cite some emblematic passages: 

“5 January 2017 - One of the most discussed topics that we have found in newspapers and websites for some months is the succession of news reporting cases of meningitis caused by pathogens (known and/or unknown) responsible for illness, and sometimes even deaths, between people of any age. The media effect has generated concern among the general population who are wondering whether or not a meningitis epidemic is underway in our country... it is only a "media epidemic", in which the pathogen, which is multiplying beyond measure, infecting newspapers and readers, it is simply journalistic news."

While this terrorist madness spreads, at the beginning of 2015 a large number of doctors signed an open letter(10) to the President of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità talking about adverse reactions. This is where the witch hunt and censorship within the medical profession begins. 


Once the meningitis experiment failed, the decision was made to attack measles. A once again terrorist media campaign begins but this time with an innovative propaganda expedient: the introduction of the NoVax label.
Hence the beginning of the true polarization of the debate based not on the scientific nature of the arguments, but on the blaming of citizens who demand - never! – to exercise freedom of choice and who demand objectivity in the evaluation of the epidemiological scenario. From now on anyone who asks questions is anti-science; anyone who has doubts about the sacredness of the vaccine is labeled a criminal... does it remind you of anything?

Parallel to the creation of public enemy number one, the "NoVax", many Italian regions, even some municipalities, are starting to discuss local laws to impose vaccines on children. Those who launch obligations of 4 vaccines and those who would like to impose double, the only line that everyone can agree on is to exclude the youngest children from society.
We mention some of them: 

  • Trieste, November 2016, is the first Italian city to provide for mandatory anti-diphtheria, anti-tetanus, anti-polio and anti-hepatitis B vaccinations for children attending nursery schools. The obligation should have started in January 2017.(11)
  • Emilia Romagna, summer 2016, comes out with a bill requiring vaccines against diphtheria, tetanus, polio and hepatitis B to access nursery schools.(12)
  • Veneto Region, winter 2016 and first days of 2017, the discussion begins for a law that began to impose stricter controls, such as monitoring the number of "unvaccinated" people per class. Veneto's action is emblematic because it came from 10 years of total vaccination freedom.

This "divine illumination" of regions and municipalities leads to a regulatory jungle supported by absolute nothingness. There are no epidemic peaks of any kind and the only noteworthy data is the one mentioned above “leader for global vaccination strategies”. In this context of total madness, a series of medical-scientific realities with prominent figures attached, aided by the now incessant media campaign, make the term NoVax explode almost constantly, thus simplifying the complexity of things. 

Do you have a vaccine-injured child and dare to say so publicly? NoVax!
Do you think compulsory vaccination is absurd? NoVax!
Have you vaccinated your child but after a reaction do you want to delay a booster? NoVax!
Do you think it is simply unfair to prevent children from accessing early childhood education services? No-Vax and also a murderer!

This climate that we are telling you about is difficult to describe without having experienced it. The anguish of many parents has reached unsustainable levels and the more the anxiety increases, the more the threats towards those who expose simple doubts increase.


A law decree is presented which, despite what our Constitution provides, is promulgated in the absence of an emergency. It will be the then Prime Minister Gentiloni who will declare the absence of emergency in the press conference in which the decree (sadly known as the Lorenzin decree) will be presented. “We are not in an emergency but with a decree there will be more safety for children and families”.(13)

The first draft of the so-called Lorenzin Decree, dated 7 June 2017, provides for 12 mandatory vaccines, fines of up to 7500 euros and weakening of parental rights for those parents who dare not comply with the law, as well as punishment for the little ones unable to attend nursery and nursery school. Such a draconian measure that encountered very strong opposition from a large portion of the population from the first moment.
It's the summer of endless demonstrations. We mention one, Venice 2017, but we assure you that the whole of Italy was in turmoil. From Trentino Alto-Adige to Sicily with hundreds of thousands of people in the squares every week culminating with a huge demonstration in Pesaro.
Obviously many of you have never heard of these events. Don't worry, it's not your fault, media censorship was similar to that of a dictatorial regime. He shouldn't be talked about, at most those "four cats" who filled the squares should be denigrated. Dangerous NoVax (regardless of our or your children's vaccination status), terrorists! This is the climate of this torrid 2017.

corvelva papers the genesis of the event
The anxiety of all the parents who oppose this liberticidal decree is palpable and the system's response to the millions of citizens who fill the squares has been silence. A deafening silence where the media, all of them, have done their dirty work, guilty first of having fomented mass hysteria towards any disease sold by the multinational of the moment, and then of having silenced the voice of a part of the people. Does it remind you of anything?

To make sure we don't miss anything, purges begin in the medical profession. Those who have, or had in previous years, dared to raise their heads against compulsory vaccination have seen it capitulate at the feet of some people. No NoVax doctors, only good doctors who are pro freedom of choice and today, in 2024, we owe them a debt of gratitude. They chose to stand up selflessly, for our children and without anyone threatening their freedom. Many others continued to behave lazily even though they thought the same way.

corvelva genesis ricciardiAn interesting episode of 9 December 2018 of Le Iene(14) where it was shown how Walter Ricciardi, President of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità since 2015 (the year of the letter from the 130 doctors) has had numerous collaborations with pharmaceutical companies and "consultancy" for various products, including the GSK anti-meningococcal vaccine, falling precisely among the mandatory vaccines proposed in the first draft of the Lorenzin Decree and proposed, as mandatory, by Ricciardi himself. The same disease pushed with the "media epidemic" in 2015/2016 when Ricciardi held interesting positions. Definitely a coincidence…

July 31th, 2017

Here we are! The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, without the shadow of an emergency, signs the conversion law of the Lorenzin Decree. Law 119 of 31 July 2017 enters the Official Journal. “Only” 10 compulsory vaccines and no longer 12. The weakening of parental authority has been eliminated and administrative sanctions have been reduced.

The shameful economic and emotional blackmail that sees "non-regular" children outside of nurseries and nurseries, as outcasts of society, with all the implications that this entails on every level of family life has been confirmed. 

At the end of August, thousands of children receive exclusion measures from what until recently were the places of their growth and their affections. Here in Veneto the application was masterful, in a very short time the nursery schools (especially FISM) worked to throw the children out and the Carabinieri of the NAS (Anti-adulteration and Health Units) began to check the schools to "flush out" the dangerous children without self-certification. Schools probably without the most basic safety regulations, completely lacking from an anti-seismic point of view, have seen the start of constant checks to enforce the rule, which among other things is a rule respected by most as there is a transitional year after the approval of the rule.

These checks will also continue in 2018 and 2019.(15)

corvelva genesis nas

What we have told you is the birth of everything that was at the basis of the deprivation of rights and freedoms during the Covid-19 period. This is where it began.

Before this crazy scientism, the situation was certainly not rosy, but certainly the deprivation of freedoms was not among the priorities of political VIPs and just think that in the National Vaccine Prevention Plan 2012-2014,(16) therefore prior to “leader for global vaccination strategies”, it was suggested to move, we quote, "towards overcoming the vaccination obligation".

This is why we have always talked about hetero-directed vaccination drive, this is why we have always been certain that real science has nothing to do with vaccination policies: looking at the facts from the right perspective, it is obvious how health policies and public opinion are constantly manipulated and conditioned by "other" types of interests... decided upon in advance and carried forward in spite of everything, first and foremost the rights of citizens.


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