Vaccines and vaccinations

Vaccines are an illusion

Vaccines are an illusion
  • Author: Tetyana Obukhanych
  • Publisher: Macro Editions
  • Publication: 2017
  • Pages: 96
  • ISBN / EAN: 9788893195447
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Vaccination compromises the natural immune system - What can we do to regain health

The immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych in this book exposes the reasons why vaccines cannot ensure lasting immunity from infectious diseases and are dangerous to our health.

Based on accredited scientific sources, such as PubMed (the most authoritative medical database in the world), the author explains us clearly:

  • because flu vaccination can be defined as a Russian roulette and therefore not very effective
  • the non-existence of herd immunity
  • the reasons for the forced exaggeration of the problems deriving from natural infectious diseases
  • what are the natural remedies for strengthening the body such as vitamin A, vitamin D, homeopathy
  • how vaccines can pave the way for the invasion of various diseases: allergies, dermatitis, esophagitis, reactions to the heavy metals they contain, etc.
  • and much more.

As a result of growing concern about the safety of vaccines, our society has divided between those who are in favor of their use and those who are against it.

In the ongoing debate, however, we have lost sight of a bigger problem: Vaccination campaigns erase our natural immunity and put the lives of children at risk.

This book represents a thorough investigation of all available sources on the topic of vaccines and natural immunity.

From the introduction:

"Studies done over the past decade have begun to outline the immunological mechanisms that allow us to understand how exposure to certain ingredients of vaccines, for example aluminum and thimerosal *, is incompatible with the optimal functioning of the immune system. part of the scientific publications that declare themselves in disagreement with commonly recommended vaccination practices is visible to all, but these studies are not disclosed by conventional medicine.

I think it is important to fill this gap and discuss with the new parents, with professionals and health professionals about those scientific discoveries that confirm the possibility of enjoying excellent health without resorting to vaccines. "

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