Vaccines and vaccinations

Mass Vaccinations

Mass Vaccinations
  • Publisher: Salus Infirmorum
  • Publication: September 2013
  • Pages: 416
  • ISBN / EAN: 9788866730156

Damage prevention, diagnosis and therapy

With the scientific and professional contribution of: Moira Andreani, Federico Balzola, Massimo Borghese, Saverio Crea, Ferdinando Donolato, Nadia Gatti, Giampaolo Giacomini, Susanna Mazzucchelli, Dario Miedico, Gabriele Milani, Stefano Montanari, Fabrizio Niglio, Nadia Picariello, Maurizio Proietti, Eugenio Serravalle, Claudio Simion, Paola Tataseo , Roberto Vecchione, Luca Ventaloro, Franco Verzella, Giulio Viganò, Vaccinare Informati Association, Coordination of the Italian Movement for the Freedom of Vaccination (Comilva), Veneto Regional Coordination for the Freedom of Vaccinations (Corvelva), National Coordination Damaged by Vaccino (Condav)

Parents who wonder if it is really useful to vaccinate their children have difficulty in finding exhaustive and objective information, because very often they do not consider the communication offered by the ASL Vaccinal Services satisfactory.

Many parents and health professionals wonder if the allergic, autoimmune, neurological and behavioral pathologies, which in recent years have been steadily increasing, have a link and a causal relationship with the practice of mass vaccinations.

In the USA it is estimated that 1 out of 6 children have learning difficulties, 1 out of 9 bronchial asthma, 1 out of 10 ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), 1 out of 88 autistic behaviors, 1 out of 450 insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.

In Italy we don't even have official data: the damage from vaccines is underestimated and even denied, while the complaints of parents who attribute the invalidating pathologies of their children to vaccines performed in the first two years of life are growing.

In contrast to European regulations, the vaccination obligation remains in our country and the offer of new vaccines is constantly increasing, despite the total absence of long-term scientific studies independent of the Pharmaceutical Industry that demonstrate both the usefulness and the harmlessness of these vaccinations in industrialized countries.

The purpose of the book is to provide a critical scientific reflection on the practice of mass vaccinations and to disseminate updated and independent information on the risk-benefit relationship of pediatric vaccines, on diagnostic investigations, on some therapeutic techniques of vaccine damage and on the possibility of medical intervention. -legal.

A dozen of touching testimonies of parents who have been damaged by vaccines in their children close the book.


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