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Vaccinate against Papillomavirus?

Vaccinate against Papillomavirus?
  • Publisher: Salus Infirmorum
  • Publication: September 2016
  • ISBN / EAN: 9788866730347
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What we need to know before deciding

There are very strong commercial pressures from manufacturers, both politically and mass media, to promote mass vaccination campaigns against Papillomavirus, but on a scientific level there are great doubts, doubts and concerns about the real risk / benefit ratio of this vaccine.

  • HPV infection is common, but the risk of developing a carcinoma is exceptional, requires decades and can be highlighted early by periodic and harmless Pap tests which in any case must also be performed in vaccinated patients, because the vaccine only covers against 2 of the 15 strains with high tumor risk.
  • Longitudinal clinical studies of vaccine efficacy conducted by independent researchers from the pharmaceutical industry are lacking.
  • Correct and exhaustive information on the real side effects of this vaccination is lacking and reports of serious vaccine damage are becoming increasingly numerous.
  • There is absolutely no information on the duration of protection and on the real ability to truly prevent not precancerous lesions but carcinoma of the cervix.
  • It is not known how the many types of HPV will change in response to the vaccine stimulus: will the other viral types not covered by the vaccine become even more carcinogenic?
  • Are there any marketing actions by the pharmaceutical industry to exaggerate this disease and create false needs in order to justify the purchase of its drug?

The purpose of this publication is to provide updated and independent information to citizens and all healthcare professionals on the advantages and limits of this vaccination, so that everyone can be in the most correct condition to express, with a greater degree of science and conscience, your truly informed consent or denial


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