"WHO MUST BE DESTROYED", the Taormina plan

"Delenda OMS" (WHO must be destroyed ") is the eloquent title of the press conference promoted by the association Vicit Leo, a movement born during the lockdown. Despite the isolation and indeed precisely because of forced isolation.

After denouncing the government for "culpable pandemic" [do not miss the in-depth analysis in the interview with Carlo in Taormina, link at the bottom] the jurist Carlo Taormina, academician and former undersecretary of the interior, now points the finger at WHO, defining it a health Moloch whose decisions have maliciously led to disaster Italy and the world. The World Health Organization, the UN's armed wing, deprives States of their right to decide on the best health policies for their citizens.

The problem is that it is only a sovereign state that can denounce the WHO. And therefore the birth of a political movement that has this among its objectives is necessary.

During the conference, filmed by Byoblu's cameras, in addition to Carlo Taormina, the expert in Health Governance and Risk Management Prof. Pierfrancesco Belli and the honorable Roberto Fiore, national secretary of Forza Nuova and President of the European party APF. And there also comes a letter written by Monsignor Viganò.

Watch the interview with Carlo Taormina "WHY I REPORTED THE GOVERNMENT" -


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