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Tax: 600 thousand euros seized at top pharmaceutical company in Reggello (FI)

Tax: 600 thousand euros seized at top pharmaceutical company in Reggello (FI)

Assets for a total value of over 600 thousand euros were seized from three directors of a pharmaceutical company based in Reggello (Florence).

The seizure of the pharmaceutical company, ordered by the investigating judge Antonella Zatini at the request of the prosecutor Gianni Tei, was carried out for the equivalent of the taxes evaded by the company between 2012 and 2017, through the use of false invoices for approximately 6 million euros.

As explained by the gdf, the company, part of a group among the main worldwide with factories all over the world, would have qualified as costs - with consequent reduction of income and related taxes - those documented by invoices issued to it by the company parent company stabilized in Luxembourg. These costs, however, referred to services that had never been carried out, with the sole purpose of reducing taxable income. For the accusation, the issue of false invoices would also have allowed the company to evade VAT for 250 thousand euros and Irap for 270 thousand.

The invoices finished at the center of the investigation were issued by the De Angeli srl Institute with headquarters in Prulli in the municipality of Reggello (Florence), by one of the companies of the business group to which the Italian srl belongs, whose administrators are recipients of the kidnapping.

At the heart of the investigation are alleged invoices for 'managerial services', a category which includes, among other things, management and control of accounting and balance sheets.



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