Seven deaths / year against 2,6 million. #invaccineswetrust (?)

Seven deaths / year against 2,6 million. #invaccineswetrust (?)

Hence, it emerges that states with the heaviest vaccination obligations are the ones with more cases? Think what a very strange coincidence.

Quote from the new ECDC report on the situation measles in Europe from August 2018 to July 2019: - EU member states have reported 12 measles cases in the last 13.113 months and no country has reported zero cases. The highest number of reported cases comes from: France (2.560), Italy (1.845), Poland (1.580) and Romania (1.453), accounting for 20%, 14%, 12% and 11% of all cases, respectively . -

That has to do with the so-called "shedding vaccine"(ie transmission of the virus from subjects vaccinated with live viruses)? 2
Or maybe with the selective pressure induced by mass vaccination? 3

Just a typing of the circulating virus (s) could give an answer, and in fact they are careful not to do it!
Why, #invaccineswetrust, let's not verify, otherwise the act of faith is nullified, acciderbolina! In fact, the intervention of Dr. Heidi J. Larson, director of "The Vaccine Confidence Project", who participated in a conference entitled precisely "IN VACCINES WE TRUST" (trad. "in vaccines we we believe"), which took place at the Global Vaccination Summit in Brussels on 12 September last 4. The lady, you can listen to him from the second hour of the video, said that we (understood as the evil novax) do not say anything illegal (damn ...), we do not spread real misinformation, BUT WE INSTITUTE DOUBT. He said we cause QUESTIONS. He said that we are creating a population that DOES NOT BELIEVE. Who has no confidence. 
In short, one must have faith. The seed of doubt is the seed of sin ... it would seem. It leads to devastating results, it would seem. For them, at least.

Returning to the "measles problem": there have been 7 DEAD, SEVEN, in a year.

To think that instead 5 people die EVERY MINUTE for wrong therapies ....2,6 million deaths a year from medical errors or in the diagnosis, prescriptions and treatments, and the inappropriate use of drugs 5... but for those it was not measles, so they died in Serie B, there is no need to legislate. Already. But we, we should have faith. Faith in doctors, and faith in Big Pharma, which produces drugs that are continuously withdrawn from the market due to contamination or side effects that had not emerged in the tests, or in the phantom controls ... those rigorous controls in which, once again, we should have faith, also because they don't let us see them, so trust is the only alternative. A bit like the analysis of vaccines, what AIFA tells us are done regularly and "batch by batch", pity that the batches are then withdrawn for contamination 6 - no one knows how - and not even the shadow of their analyzes (but not even those of the manufacturer, because we have the "industrial secret" to protect, not health, alas).

But that is not all. Reading the original ECDC report we find other interesting data that of course the Italian media omit: for example, that the cases confirmed in the laboratory are 79% (so we lost 21% on the way). This means, for example, that in France, the confirmed cases are 1568 (out of 2560 !!!). In Italy, there are 1514 (out of 1845), and so on.
Therefore, if on the one hand we ask ourselves which virus corresponds to these cases (wildtype virus or vaccine virus? 2 or new measles virus mutations induced by the selective pressure exerted thanks to mass vaccinations in recent years? 3on the other, there is also the question of why verified and certain data are never disclosed, preferring instead to combine the confirmed and non-confirmed cases.

Another interesting fact: in 37% of cases we do not know the vaccination status. Were they vaccinated? weren't they vaccinated? mystery. We do know that almost 20% of the known cases had received one dose of vaccine, and 10% two or more doses!

Summing up, out of 10.327 cases confirmed in the laboratory, throughout Europe, the certainly unvaccinated are 5.264: half. We therefore have half of the European cases vaccinated, partially vaccinated, or whose vaccine status we do not know. And we know that in the face of 10.327 cases, there were 7 deaths (of which we are not given the status of health before the infection, an important note).

That's all, folks!


ITA news source:

  1. find here the ECDC report with confirmed data, divided by country, vaccination status, etc.
  2. some studies and links on "shedding vaccines"
  3. on the mutation of the measles virus (induced)
  4. the miraculous interventions of the Global vaccination summit can be followed here
  5. iatrogenic mortality data
  6. summary of some of the vaccine batches withdrawn over the years (but weren't they sure?)

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