Anthony Miller: "IARC classifies in Class 1, certain cancer. 5G must be blocked, Governments don't ignore"

Pending reclassification of carcinogenesis by of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and to understand the position of theWorld Health Organization (WHO) on the dangers of electrosmog, on the dark side of 5G the debate continues between researchers, doctors and scientists of international renown. A video translated with subtitles in Italian, reports the declarations of Anthony Miller, emeritus professor, Dalla Lana public health school of the University of Toronto (Canada), the well-known school founded in 1927 which for 50 years has been home to Connaught Laboratories, manufacturer of vaccines, insulin and many other pharmaceutical products.

According to Miller (ex IARC) there is no doubt: the radio frequency non-ionizing waves should be classified in Class 1, that is among the 100% carcinogens for humanity and 5G should be stopped immediately.



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