Bill Gates

Bill Gates: philanthropist or rascal?

Bill Gates: philanthropist or rascal?

It is undeniable that Bill Gates donates a lot of money for causes all over the world, causing many to call him philanthropist. But its causes and motives are questionable.

He has already subjected American children to educational quackery as the main sponsor of Common Core, and has collected more data about you and every American than you can imagine. Now, as this article will show, one of the world's leading population control fanatics wants to inject you, your entire family and every single person across the planet with an undeveloped and untested vaccine - presumably to protect against coronavirus. So he wants to track you using technology that seems to come out of a science fiction movie. And unless and until everyone on Earth submits to his vaccination requests, the technocratic globalist has repeatedly stated that society cannot and will not return to normal. That man, of course, is the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates, perhaps one of the most controversial people in the world right now, despite media adulation.

With all the connections, media appearances and demands of Gates, one could be forgiven for thinking that he is the emperor of the world. And if humanity is not careful, the agenda that Gates represents may well succeed, potentially in the short term. This means that freedom, freedom of care, the family, self-government, a large part of the population and the economy are in mortal danger.

In a nutshell, Bill Gates is potentially dangerous because he has a great wealth and a great influence, which he both uses to try to make the world follow his dictates. Gates is so powerful that he has been able - almost on his own - to impose the national educational standards known as Common Core on almost the whole nation. (Elite private schools such as the ones his children attended attended proudly.) Gates invested over $ 2 billion in his plan, supported by the Obama administration. He stressed that he pushed for the introduction of the Common Core although there were indications that it would lead to a reduction in the quality of education. Indeed, the Common Core Validation Committee refused to approve the plans because they were bad. And Gates himself said he wasn't sure of his success. "It would be nice if our educational stuff worked, but we probably won't know for a decade," admitted the tycoon in 2014. Since then, numerous studies conducted on US students have confirmed that standards have led to poor scores across the board. online, making American children less educated than ever.

Despite the failures of the Common Core, with the help of the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO), Gates' educational vision is becoming global. In 2004, Gates was in Paris to sign an agreement with UNESCO on behalf of Microsoft to work on global standards, guidelines, curriculum and technology. The United Nations agency has already worked for decades to centralize control over education. And the educational goals of the United Nations do not seem to be to turn children into critical thinkers; among other schemes, he passed off the World Core curriculum. Written by Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations Robert Muller, the project was based on the teachings of the founder of the Lucifer publishing company, Alice Bailey, a supporter of world government and a one-world religion that blends many world religions together under one ensign.

On the global health front, Gates' activities are as reckless and harmful as his educational programs - perhaps more harmful. Now that Trump has frozen U.S. contributions to the World Health Organization, Gates is the largest single donor to WHO in the world - a suit literally run by a Chinese Communist-backed Politburo member of an ethno-terrorist organization. Marxist from Ethiopia. It is also the world's largest single financier of vaccines, known for their harmful side effects.

Most major media outlets flatter Bill Gates, portraying him as a kind of nerd and self-taught corporate genius who has become selfless and benevolent "philanthropist" who simply works to "save" and "help" humanity. The reality, however, as this article will show, is very different. Gates, afflicted by the same messianic complex so common among global elites, is pushing an agenda of globalism, technocracy (government of the scientific elites rather than self-government), forced vaccines, dangerous indoctrination and totalitarianism. And there is no need to dig deep to find abundant evidence.

What does Bill Gates believe?

Perhaps the issue that defined Gates' donation and efforts more than any other is population control - in particular, the Maltusian idea that there are too many people on the planet to support for "Mother Earth". In his public statements and his "charity", Gates and his wife Melinda focused on "overpopulation".

It seems that this passion was instilled in him by his father, the big shot of Planned Parenthood (organization that favors the containment of births), Bill Gates Sr., a former prominent attorney. Gates, Sr. still recommends Junior, despite turning 95. "While I was growing up, my parents were always involved in various volunteer activities," Gates Jr. said in a 2003 interview with Bill Moyers on PBS. "My father was the head of Planned Parenthood. It was very controversial to be one involved and so it's fascinating; at the table my parents are very good at sharing the things they were doing, talking about it, almost treating us like adults. " In short, Gates Sr. was a eugenicist.

Like father, like son - young Gates picked up where his father left off, raining hundreds of millions on the aborted giant Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups. In a 2017 "Global Family Planning Summit" in London, Gates' wife announced that the Gates Foundation would spend nearly $ 400 million on population control programs by 2020, many of which have and will have indirectly funded the killing of pre-infants. He also asked that sex education begin "very, very early". Gates was also a major donor to the United Nations Population Fund, the United Nations Abortion Agency specializing in the reduction of the human population and was discovered in Congress to collaborate with the Chinese Communist government on forced abortions and forced sterilization.

Gates also thinks that contraception should be omnipresent, if not mandatory. In 1997, Gates and his wife began to pay money towards various forms of birth control. And contraception funded by Gates not only meant fewer children, but also led to other dangers and deaths. For example, Gates financed and distributed the Depo Provera contraceptive, particularly to Third World women. In addition to preventing pregnancy, sometimes inducing abortion, he has been accused by experts of causing or at least contributing to cervical cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, stroke, heart attack, infertility and miscarriage. It also encouraged the spread of HIV / AIDS, chlamydia and other debilitating and deadly venereal diseases. The Gates Foundation spent $ 2,6 billion on buying and donating this drug to 100 million African women.

In politics, while Gates usually remains silent, he has spoken out against President Donald Trump and for years has been firmly on the side of the Democrats and the establishment. During the 2016 elections, he funded three democratic campaigns for Congress. In 2012, the tech billionaire organized a fundraising dinner for Barack Obama's campaign, charging participants nearly $ 13.000 per plate.

He also expressed himself openly about his desire to see a more powerful federal government and president. "Right now I wish there was a little more power in the presidency to avoid some of these bottlenecks," said Gates, adding that he wished America had a more similar system to the UK. "So I think about what [Obama] wants to do and to what he is actually able to do, the gap is so large there that it is difficult even to understand. "Learn more about Gates' wishes for more command and control later.

Patrick Wood, author of two key books that expose the push of global elites towards technocracy, blew up the founder of Microsoft and underlined his crucial role in pushing experts and technocrats to drive global governance. "Bill Gates shows a technocrat mind in three key areas: education, vaccines and population control and data," said Wood, who worked with the late Antony Sutton to expose the trilateral commission. "Every single initiative in which he is involved today is fundamental to the implementation of technocracy on a global scale, including the desire for a permanent identity document for every human being on planet earth."

Vaccines for population control?

Although it seems extremely contradictory at first glance, Gates' obsession with vaccines also fits into his population control agenda. In fact, Gates, the world's largest vaccine funder, is known to pass off the idea that vaccines will be a crucial tool in reducing the population.

During a 2010 "TED Talk", for example, Gates clarified his belief that a smaller population was needed to save the planet. After telling the public that human carbon dioxide emissions should drop to zero to avoid killing the planet, he added up each person's emissions and said: "Probably one of these numbers will have to approach almost zero." He added: "The world today has about six billion people. This is headed for about nine billion. Now if we do a really good job on new vaccines, health care and reproductive health services [contraception and abortion], we could possibly lower it by 10- 15% ".

You have understood? Vaccines, "health care", abortion and contraception are all part of a global strategy to reduce the number of people on Earth.

The following year he sang the same melody. In an interview in 2011, he told CNN's Sanjay Gupta that he hoped for "incredible progress in both inventing new vaccines and making sure they got to all the children who needed them." "We just need about six or seven more - and therefore we would have all the tools to reduce child death, reduce population growth and everything - stability, the environment - would benefit," he continued. (Emphasis added.) Again, he notes that Gates binds vaccines to reduce the population and says that fewer people will do well for "stability" and the "environment".

Now, Bill Gates' apologists claim that what he really means is that by vaccinating everyone, more parents will choose to have fewer children. Gates himself suggested that this is what he meant by his cryptic comments on the use of vaccines to reduce the population. "A surprising but critical fact that we learned was that reducing the death toll actually reduces population growth," he said. But the history of Gates' vaccination programs suggests that the vaccines themselves will actually be used to thin the population, and not by encouraging parents to have fewer children.

Gates' vaccination programs

Consider a 2014 "tetanus" vaccination campaign in Kenya targeting women and girls from the WHO and UNICEF, funded largely by Gates - this in a nation that had recently been targeted by the United Nations Population Fund in a report for drastic population control efforts. Concerned about vaccines, the Catholic Doctors Association of Kenya obtained numerous samples of vials and sent them to independent laboratories for analysis. They found that the vaccines were mixed with human chorionic beta-gonadotropin immunogen, which causes pregnancy to stop. Women become sterile because their immune systems attack the critical hormone hCG. WHO discovered this "birth control" vaccine in 1976 and injected the substance into women from other countries, including Mexico, Nicaragua, the Philippines and others.

“This confirmed our worst fears; that this WHO campaign is not about the eradication of neonatal tetanus but [is] a coordinated mass sterilization exercise for population control using a fertility-regulating vaccine, "explained Dr. Wahome Ngare, spokesman for the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association. “The unfortunate truth is that the vaccine was mixed with hCG [immunogenic] just like the one used in South American cases. In addition, none of the vaccinated girls and women were informed of its contraceptive effect. "Shortly thereafter, the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Kenya released a statement signed by every Catholic bishop in Kenya that warns people to avoid vaccines, saying:" We are convinced that this is indeed a masked population control program. " This incident was one of many recently highlighted on the soil of the Italian Parliament, with MP Sara Cunial criticizing Gates for the sterilization of a large number of African women and demanding that he be tried for crimes against humanity.

Meanwhile, WHO was discovered by The New American in January 2019, while training medical professionals to lie about the safety and efficacy of vaccines. By declaring that "doubt about vaccination" was one of the biggest threats to "global health", the United Nations agency funded by Gates created a training guide for healthcare professionals. It provides strategies for convincing parents to stick to vaccination programs that include using manipulation and even providing misleading or even false answers to possible questions parents might ask. "Can vaccines cause harmful side effects, disease and even death?" a hypothetical parent who hesitates in the program asks the doctor. "No, vaccines are very safe," the health worker is told, although this is evidently false. Every vaccine manufacturer in the world recognizes that vaccines can cause harmful side effects, disease and even death - that's why they put pressure on the United States Congress for a full exemption from all liability, forcing US taxpayers to pay billions of dollars. in damage to vaccine victims.

Even the WHO admitted last year that most of the worldwide polio paralysis was actually caused by Gates-funded polio vaccination campaigns in Africa and Asia. According to an Associated Press report released on November 25, 2019, "Global health numbers show there are now more children paralyzed by vaccine-originated viruses than in nature." The "Independent Monitoring Board" created by the WHO also warned in a report that month that the vaccine-derived polio virus "was spreading unchecked in West Africa." And he described the attitude of the WHO and its "partners" towards this news as "relaxed".

In India, Gates is also accused of unleashing hell on the population under the pretext of "vaccination" programs. Writing in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, Indian doctors Neetu Vashisht and Jacob Puliye blamed the WHO / Gates polio vaccination programs for causing nearly 50.000 more cases of paralysis in children in a single year. Nearly half a million cases of paralysis attributed to vaccines occurred between 2000 and 2017, according to doctors cited by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and other prominent vaccine skeptics. Eventually the Indian authorities got involved and worked to eradicate Gates' flu, but the damage was done. Studies by Gates of HPV vaccines given to tribal children in rural India without parental consent have also killed and injured many victims, according to media reports of lawsuits that have gone all the way to the Supreme Court of that nation. The scandal ultimately ended with the government forced to make drastic changes to vaccine authorizations, including restrictions on foreign groups; however, Indian law had no provisions to sanction ethical and legal violations in the courts. Additionally, a cross-cutting parliamentary investigation accused Gates agents of unethical practices in an attempt to make profits for Big Pharma, an allegation that the Gates-funded group behind the schemes denied.

Now, Gates wants to vaccinate the world against coronavirus. "The thing that will bring us back to the world we had before the coronavirus is the vaccine and its spread to seven billion people," Gates said in one of many similar public statements, echoing the propaganda that is being pumped by the huge network of thinkers, propagandists, pharmaceutical companies and organizations that he finances himself. "Once you have a safe and effective vaccine and spread it to almost everyone on the planet ... we will return to normal and economies will recover."

On April 30, Gates stated on his blog that the idea of ​​using medicine to treat COVID-19 was unrealistic and claimed that the only way to "get back to the way things were" will be to make sure that "almost all the people on the planet have been vaccinated against coronavirus. "" Humanity has never had a more urgent task than creating broad immunity for coronavirus, "he said, adding that it should be given to infants." Realistically , if we want to return to normal, we must develop a safe and effective vaccine. We have to make billions of doses, we have to get them out all over the world and we need this to happen as quickly as possible. "The WHO will have to give its" approval ", he added, painting the United Nations group as a kind of global health ministry.

Global tracking and tyranny

But Gates doesn't actually offer his vaccines but rather asks people to get them: Gates asked everyone to receive a "digital certificate" that proves he has been vaccinated. In March, Gates said on his blog that "the question of which companies should move forward is complicated", but in the end "we will have some digital certificates to show who has healed or has been recently tested or when we will have a vaccine that has received. "Fauci at the National Institutes of Health echoed Gates' rhetoric about having" coronavirus immunity cards "for everyone, and was quoted in Politico saying that this was" under discussion. "

This idea is by no means new. For years, Gates and other globalist billionaires, including several Rockefeller foundations, have promoted the "ID2020" scheme. According to the effort's website, the plan tries to impose that everyone on Earth has a "digital identity" that follows them from birth to death. It will track all types of data, including health and vaccine information, allowing governments and globalists to keep people in check everywhere. This was one of the main objectives of Gates' work: everyone must be identified, vaccinated and monitored. A biometric ID supported by Gates for 1,2 billion Indians was the test conducted.

Since 2006, Gates has funded research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop “a new way of recording a patient's vaccination record: storing data in a dye scheme, invisible to the naked eye, which is imprinted under the skin together with the vaccine. "In a press release on the scheme released late last year, MIT said the technology" consists of nanocrystals called quantum dots. "This tattoo-like scheme" would remain under the skin where it emits near infrared light that can be detected by a specially equipped smartphone.

"More recently, Microsoft has published a patent for a" cryptocurrency system that uses body activity data, "which is now registered with the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization. As the war on liquidity accelerates. , this technology for obtaining currency with a piece of technology embedded in the body could be used to implement a digital currency regime that would end privacy by putting each individual at the mercy of power. Its patent number is WO-2020-060606-A The numbers 2020 and 060606 (666) have been widely collected online, fueling endless speculations and theories as to their possible meaning.

The same happened for Gates' funding of NIH research on the use of luciferase and luciferin, bio-luminescent compounds, in medical applications. Out of honesty to Gates, those two terms, which were invented before his birth, are used in biotechnology for their scientific meanings, not in reference to the prince of darkness.

The "Contact tracing" schemes to track everyone under the pretext of stopping the coronavirus, which are implemented worldwide, are also funded by Gates, together with George Soros. Everything from hiring an "army" of contact tracers to using smartphones as tracking devices is now underway. According to leading local, state and even WHO officials, tracing schemes will also be used to split families if a family member is suspected of being exposed to COVID-19.

Former US congressman Ron Paul, a physician, has been very critical of these coronavirus efforts, showing that these are totalitarian actions. "If the government can force people to receive medical treatment against their will, then there is no reason why the government cannot force people to buy medical insurance, forbid them to own firearms, dictate their working conditions and preventing them from taking questionably harmful actions such as smoking marijuana or drinking raw milk, "he said. "Likewise, if the government can prevail over parents' wishes regarding medical care for their children, then there is no reason why the government cannot usurp parental authority in other areas, such as education."

He added that Americans should "reject this" deal. Instead, they should call for an immediate end to the blockades and the restoration of individual responsibility for deciding how best to protect their health. "

Prepare well - or a little too well?

Establishment media propagandists strove in flattery in the face of Gates and his alleged foresight, noting that the billionaire technocrat has warned of a pandemic looming for many years. And it's true - it did. In fact, the preparations and statements he has made over the years were so strangely similar to the way things went under COVID-19 that they have more than a few critics screaming for scandal. Clearly, Gates and his allies at the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF) were preparing to use a pandemic to readjust the world to their technocratic vision.

In October 2019, Gates and the WEF organized event 201 at the "Bloomberg School of Public Health" at Johns Hopkins University. The program simulated an "outbreak of a new zoonotic coronavirus transmitted from bats to pigs to people which eventually becomes effectively transmissible from person to person, leading to a severe pandemic." The pathogen and disease "are modeled largely on SARS, but are more transmissible in the community by people with mild symptoms". Key figures from Big Government (including China), Big Business and Big Pharma participated. In the scenario, the nightmare ends only when a vaccine arrives. And of course, tyranny is the preferred answer: everything from social media censorship to autocratic control over the public has been celebrated as needed.

However, this planning is not new. A decade earlier, the Rockefeller Foundation had published a report entitled "Scenarios for the future of technology and international development". The report presented four scenarios that could help pave the way for the world order imagined by the globalists. One was a future pandemic scenario, nicknamed "LOCK STEP", in which the United States suffers huge losses due to a lack of tyranny, while Communist China is doing much better because of its ruthless totalitarian system with no restrictions on the power of the government.

The Rockefeller Foundation's LOCK STEP scenario continues to outline the results expected from this pandemic. Citizens around the world will ask for "top-down direction and oversight" over entire nations and economies. The scenario also promotes, among other policies to allegedly address the epidemic, "biometric ID for all citizens", "stricter regulation of key industries", "a series of new regulations and agreements" and other alleged presumed seizures of power necessary to "restore order and, above all, economic growth". In fact, reading the XNUMX-year report seems a lot like reading the news today, with the same advanced "solutions" that all tend to erode freedom.

Speaking to CNN's Fareed Zakaria, Gates praised China's response to the coronavirus while attacking the United States. "China did many things in the beginning," said Gates, one of the countless pro-China statements made by the billionaire over the years. "Some countries responded very quickly and developed their tests and avoided the incredible economic suffering, and it is sad that the United States, which you would have expected to do well, did it particularly badly." Meanwhile, Gates has launched criticisms of Beijing's response, including the fact that his regime covered the outbreak as a "distraction".

Interestingly, Gates was also the main financier of the two groups that provided the mass death projections that frightened governments around the world into pursuing the policies that Gates was marketing. The first was the Institute for Health Metrics Evaluation at the University of Washington in Seattle, which was launched with a $ 100 million grant from Gates. The other was Imperial College London, which normally specializes in producing climate change hysteria and propaganda for sustainable development. Both organizations have warned of millions of coronavirus deaths, with Imperial College even projecting a potential 2,2 million deaths in the United States alone in one scenario. Both organizations eventually acknowledged that their numbers were wildly out of touch with reality, though politicians apparently never got the reminder. And both organizations have been heavily funded by Gates, as have companies around the world that have received investment from Gates to find coronavirus vaccines.

Associations and problematic connections

Gates' affinity for totalitarianism is also demonstrated by his close ties to globalists and totalitarian leaders.

In 2017, in fact, he joined the "elite" Chinese Academy of Engineering, an organ of the State Council of the People's Republic of China headed by the Communist Chinese "Premier" Li Kequiang.

Recently, Gates wrote a letter to the Chinese dictator Xi Jinping - whose government has a well-documented history of imprisonment and murder of political dissidents, even going so far as to collect their organs and put them up for sale - on the coronavirus. In the letter, reported by the Chinese communist propaganda organs, Gates boasted that his foundation "has committed up to 100 million US dollars in emergency funding, many of which will help China support epidemiological research, emergency interventions and research and development of drugs, vaccines and diagnostics, "reported the state-controlled China Global Television Network.

Xi replied to Gates with his flattering letter. "I support your collaboration with relevant Chinese institutions and look forward to greater coordination and concerted efforts in the international community for the sake of the health and well-being of all," he said.

The choice of the partners of Gates shows that, for him, the ends justify the means - at any cost - and that any association that can promote the cause is therefore suitable. Case in point: Gates' very close ties to Jeffrey Epstein, the notorious pedophile of child traffickers who allegedly killed himself in prison. According to the New York Times, Gates repeatedly visited Epstein's home and even flew one of his private jets - one of which was known as "Lolita Express" due to the perversion and child rape known to have been omnipresent in board. To the point, unlike other Epstein associates, such as Bill Clinton, Gates began his relationship with Epstein only after the pervert was convicted of child prostitution charges in Florida that forced him to register as a sexual harasser. Gates' employees also regularly visited Epstein's home. And Gates' former scientific adviser, Boris Nikolic, was listed as a backup performer for Epstein's will, according to media reports.

As for globalist associations, while Gates himself is not listed as a member of the Foreign Affairs Council, Microsoft Corporation is listed on its website as a corporate member. In 2003, the Gates Foundation also granted a grant to the group to establish a "Senior Scholarship" in "Global Health and Foreign Policy". CFR head Leslie Gelb then explained the purpose in this way: “Global health problems must be integrated, in study and practice, into the US foreign policy process. This will be the main mission of the new Senior Scholarship in Global Health Policy Studies. "

It worked. Just a few years later, the Obama administration launched the "Global Health Initiative", pouring billions of dollars in US tax on contraception and $ 63 billion on "improving global health". Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton , who publicly stated that the CFR (Foreign Affairs Council) tells her "what we should do and how we should think about the future", was also crucial in the scheme. If globalist billionaires who fund "Senior Scholarships" at the CFR can hijack American politics so easily - and they can do it - just imagine how easy it is for them to control the failed and corrupt third world kleptocracy to advance a New World Order.

Gates also wrote an article in CFR spokesman 'Foreign Affairs' which promotes "genetic editing" technology to design organisms, biotechnology developments that will be important in his coronavirus vaccine schemes. Prior to that, Gates' wife gave a speech there in 2008 praising the CFR for the "indispensable work she does." "Your work is of benefit to all Americans," he said of the organization, which is been instrumental in surrendering to US sovereignty and eroding the constitutional government. Melinda also said, "I would like to recognize a special debt to the Council," adding that "the success of our efforts" depends on "informed decisions by policy makers" that the CFR influences.

Gates was also a participant in the infamous Bilderberg Summits, the semi-secret group of around 120-150 hugely influential (mostly) Americans, Canadians, and Europeans who meet once a year behind heavy security. The dark group, whose members admitted to planning a global policy and working for the world government, has started publishing lists of participants. On at least one occasion, Gates has not been listed but has been seen sneaking out by reporters. Critics have suggested that American participants - business tycoons, politicians, officials, bankers and more - should be prosecuted under the Logan Act, which prohibits Americans from working on politics with foreign governments without having official authorization to do so. .

Another group of Gates with anything but noble goals is known as "Good Club". In 2009, the London Times reported on a secret meeting of the best globalist billionaires aimed at reducing the population. The article, entitled "Billionaires Club in an attempt to contain overpopulation", reported that "some of the major American billionaires met secretly to consider how their wealth could be used to slow the growth of the world's population." The summit was "convened on Bill Gates' initiative," says the report, and billionaires "discussed joining forces to overcome political and religious obstacles to change."

Among others present, New World Order architect David Rockefeller, who boasted in his memoirs of "conspiring" "against the interests" of his country with a "secret cabal" to create "a more integrated global political and economic structure - A world, if you want. " "Good Clubs" also include Warren Buffett, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey. Aside from their fervent desire to reduce the population, all members seem to have an infatuation for the Chinese dictator Xi and a vitriolic hatred of President Trump.

Can he and his cronies be stopped?

On the positive side, the audience seems to wake up. Across America, protesters came to state capitals to demand a restoration of freedom and an end to the blockades. The outrage against Gates and his agenda is also overflowing. A petition on the White House website asking for investigations into the Gates Foundation, "for medical negligence and crimes against humanity", collected 500.000 signatures in just three weeks - more than five times the number of signatories needed to get a formal response. by the president.

"As we observe the events surrounding the" COVID-19 pandemic ", several questions remain unanswered," says the petition. "On October 18, 2019, just a few weeks before the epicenter was declared in Wuhan, China, two major events occurred. One is "Event 201", the other is the "Military World Games", which take place only in Wuhan. Since then a worldwide push has been launched on vaccines and biometric monitoring. Bill Gates is at the forefront , who has publicly declared his interest in "reducing population growth" by 10-15% through vaccination. Gates, UNICEF and WHO have already been credibly accused of intentionally sterilizing Kenyan children through the use of a HCG antigen hidden in tetanus vaccines. Congress and all other governing bodies are abandoned until a thorough and public investigation is complete. "

A thorough congressional investigation into Gates and its foundation has long been expected, along the lines of the Restricted Committee to Investigate Tax-Free Foundations and Comparable Organizations of 1952. The Senate Environment Committee scratched the surface with its report of 2014 on the "Billionaires Club" behind the "green" movement. But Gates, Rockefeller, Ford, Soros, Bloomberg and other foundations are clearly not good - and often use their ill-earned wealth to hijack the government and undermine freedom.



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