China commands the WHO

Together with South Korea, Taiwan is a success story in coronavirus containment. Yet the country cannot participate in the work of the World Health Organization or receive sensitive information and data. This is prevented by China, which considers Taiwan a rebel province and not an autonomous state. Especially in this time of global emergency, however, politics should be put aside.

But as it was already understood from the high praise addressed by the WHO managers to China for the management of the epidemic, in the Geneva offices it is Beijing. This was confirmed by a recent interview by Canadian broadcaster Rthk with Bruce Aylward, a senior WHO official who led the UN agency team in China and who in the past said: "If I got sick of Covid-19, I would like to be treated in Wuhan. "

As seen in the movie, when the reporter, after talking about Hong Kong, asks Aylward what WHO plans to do with Taiwan, the official pretends not to hear and when the reporter repeats the question she drops the conversation and the phone call. Recalled, he merely declares on Taiwan's handling of the epidemic: «Well, we have already talked about China. All the different parts of China have done a good job, ”he underlines, fully adhering to the Beijing line.

The Foreign Ministry of Taiwan commented indignantly the interview: "Can't even say the word" Taiwan "to WHO? When faced with a pandemic, politics should be put aside. More than 450 news reports in over 40 countries have talked about how we managed the epidemic and nobody mistakenly confused us as part of China. "



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