The thousand uses of the Gentalyn beta that you perhaps didn't know and the relative contraindications

The thousand uses of the Gentalyn beta that you perhaps didn't know and the relative contraindications
Who has never used Gentalyn Beta? It is the most used cream to treat skin infections and a doctor's prescription is required to buy it, but we can still try to understand together which use it is good to do and discover its many uses that you may not know yet.

Since we are in the hot season, the Gentalyn Beta cannot be missing in your suitcase. Do you know why? Because it is perfect for solar erythema and for the sunburn we can get going to the beach or out and about in the sun. With it, you can quickly reduce your malaise.

Usually recommended for allergic dermatitis or superinfection skin, that is, an infection that has become infected in turn.

ll Gentalyn Beta it is an ointment, therefore it is evident that it is mainly used for treat diseases that affect the skin.

In particular, it acts against the seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and athlete's foot, a disease caused by a fungus that affects the skin discovered by the hair.

But the percentage of cortisone it contains makes it suitable also for treating solar erythema, as I mentioned before.

Gentalyn Beta: a real godsend

Being the Gentalyn Beta enriched with cortisone, it is ideal for eliminating the post hair removal pimples. Maybe you don't know ... and we are here to inform you: when you shave, if the part to be depilated is not well cleaned, it generates a real folliculitis o inflammation of the hair bulbs; the bacteria found on the skin enter the bulb from which the hair has been extirpated and create inflammation. Use Gentalyn after hair removal and your skin will return smooth and not irritated.

You may have heard that this medicine is also useful against hormonal pimples.

Also remember that you can use Gentalyn also to remove the inflammation of an insect bite or to treat the dermatitis of those who wear incontinence diapers for too many hours.

Its use is also recommended for:

  • eczema
  • contact dermatitis
  • neurodermatitis
  • exfoliative dermatitis
  • radiation dermatitis (post rays or CT)
  • insect bite
  • anogenital and senile itching, that is, what you feel when you suffer from hemorrhoids

How to apply it

First you will need to apply a thick layer of cream on the entire surface affected by the pathology, then wrap the area with gauze thin and, finally, cover everything with plastic and transparent material. Make sure it is also waterproof and flexible and that this last layer extends even beyond the edges delimited by the gauze. If you want to be even safer than the bandage stay in the right position, you can fix it with patches. This dressing will still need to be kept for at least one day, but time may increase as needed


The fact that it is a cream should not deceive you: the Gentalyn Beta it is a drug and as such it also has some collateral effect.

If you are allergic to one of the two active ingredients it contains, namely Gentamicin Sulphate and Betamesone, you must not use it!

Other occasions when you can't use this ointment is to speed up the healing of a provoked rash from Herpes Simplexthat is, if you have "lip fever".

Lastly, don't use it if you're suffering from cutaneous tuberculosis, a pathology that is not so widespread in Europe.

So make sure you can use it by asking your doctor!

During treatment many experienced symptoms that indicated  the hypoadrenalism, a situation in which a reduced kidney function occurs, which is more likely to be provoked when the patient is a child.

Before giving the ointment to your child, therefore ask your pediatrician for an opinion.

However, no studies have been carried out interactions with other drugs.

So far it is the cream that acts faster than many others and dermatologists prescribe it frequently.


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