Aifa recalls 5 lots of Omeprazole from Sandoz

Aifa recalls 5 lots of Omeprazole from Sandoz

Aifa has called back from pharmacies 5 batches of anti ulcer medication Omeprazole from Sandoz following the communication by the company concerning the presence of precipitate in some lots of the aforementioned medicinal product. In chemistry the term precipitation indicates the phenomenon of separation in the form of a solute solid (called precipitate) which is in a solution in a concentration greater than its solubility limit, whereby the solution, before the precipitation occurs, is in conditions of supersaturation with respect to this solute.

This is the medicinal product OMEPRAZOL SANDOZ BV * INF 5FL - AIC 038187023 of the company Sandoz Spa. The lots are the following: HX7523 with expiry 10-2019, JC5162 with expiry 10-2019, JC5166 with expiry 11-2019, JU1484 with expiry 1-2021 and lastly JU1485 with expiration 1-2021.



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