Prolia, the cure for osteoporosis that hurts

He is Prolia, a miracle drug for the treatment of osteoporosis with a slight defect, if you stop taking it the vertebrae crumble.
In Italy there are two scientific societies that deal more directly with this pathology: SIOMMMS (Italian Society of Osteoporosis, Mineral Metabolism and Skeletal Diseases) and SIE (Italian Society of Endocrinology).

After this report, whose news also rebounded on Le Monde as a real scandal, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand and the United States have included the vertebral fracture among the undesirable effects.
There are currently a hundred cases found in Switzerland, but recent independent studies bring an ax on this drug, "The risk / benefit ratio of denosumab (the Prolia molecule) is clearly unfavorable.

EMA and AIFA have never included this adverse reaction in the package insert despite having several evidences in this regard.
We have, out of pure curiosity and knowing that there is nothing illegal in this, curious about the EFPIA data of the manufacturer, Amgen, and we realized that the President and Vice President of SIOMMMS (Italian Society of Osteoporosis, Mineral Metabolism and of Skeletal Diseases), as well as some researchers who have made publications on Prolia and appear on the portal of the SIE (Italian Society of Endocrinology), have received regular compensation from Amgen since at least 2016.

The questions arise spontaneously: did AIFA's decisions not to insert the vertebral fracture in the package leaflet of the Prolia product, in order to inform doctors and patients of this important adverse reaction, had influences from SIOMMMS or from the SIE? Is AIFA aware of the latest developments? Do SIOMMMS and SIE, in drawing up the recommendations regarding the treatment of osteoporosis, do it totally freely and without influence?


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