Airol * acne cream withdrawn: here are the lots involved

Airol * acne cream withdrawn: here are the lots involved

Precautionary withdrawal for 4 batches of an Airol * anti-acne cream produced by Pierre Fabre.

“The company has announced that it is about to proceed with the precautionary and voluntary withdrawal from the market of 4 lots of an Airol anti-acne cream. Specifically, these are lots G00005 with expiry 06/2020 (package for sale), G00010 with expiration 09/2019 (package for sale), G00010 A with expiration 09/2020 (package for sale) and G00010 with expiration 09/2028 ( medical sample) of the medicinal specialty Airol cream 20 grams 0,05% (AIC023244015) ".

It makes it known Giovanni D'Agata, President of the Rights Window. The precautionary withdrawal of the above lots "it became necessary as a result of out-of-specific results that emerged during the drug stability studies. Therefore, the Pierre Fabre Company calls for blocking the distribution of the aforementioned lots“, Concluded D'Agata on the Sportello dei rights website.



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