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That July 31, 2017

That July 31, 2017

A chat with Cristiano Lugli on the political use of the Church in the approval of the Lorenzin Decree

Few perhaps know that in the Catholic Church the main problems of bioethics and law, in the direct relationship they have with Christian morality, are tackled by the Pontifical Academy for Life. We, like Corvelva, have only marginally touched the ethical-religious theme and although we wanted to remain "outside" of it, we had to oppose the ecclesiastical institutions both in terms of the management of private schools in the Veneto region, on average FISM (connected directly with the Episcopal Church Italian) and both with the political abuse that we have seen perpetrated.

With the title given to the evening, "That 31 July 2017", we want to retrace with you the events that followed one another around the approval of the notorious Lorenzin Decree, with a critical eye towards that political assistance given by the Catholic Church to the decree itself, with a "blessing" to the use of diploid cells (cells deriving from aborted fetuses) providentially arrived on July 31, 2017 and which erased centuries of logic, ethics and Christian theology.
We will talk about it together with the essayist and family man Cristiano Lugli, more aware than us on ethical-religious issues.

The live broadcast will be visible on all our social networks on Sunday 26 February at 21.00.

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