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But how many are the damaged and deceased really recognized in Veneto and Italy? The Ministry issues a "No Answer" and Corvelva appeals

But how many are the damaged and deceased really recognized in Veneto and Italy? The Ministry issues a "No Answer" and Corvelva appeals

Application for access to administrative documents pursuant to FOIA: The Ministry provides a "No Answer" and Corvelva appeals

In 2019 we activated a series of requests for access to documents according to the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) to the public administration. The idea is always the same, to produce official documentation for parents, PA documentation that certifies, in different areas, the answers that are provided to us and, in the most rosy of hypotheses, to have real data.

One of these requests for access to the files was registered on March 31, both to the Veneto region and to the Ministry of Health, and basically asks for the following:

  • to know how many cases of death from mandatory and non-mandatory vaccinations had been recognized with compensation;
  • to know which pathologies the victims of compulsory and non-compulsory vaccinations recognized with compensation had contracted;
  • to know which vaccines for which compensation had been recognized;
  • to know the total amount of compensation paid for the injured or deceased from vaccinations;
  • to know the above data divided by year of recognition with compensation;
  • to know the above data divided by age group of the subject recognized with compensation;
  • to know the above data divided by Region of competence;
  • to know the above data separated from that concerning subjects damaged by irreversible complications due to transfusions and blood products recognized with indemnity.

As often happens, the cumbersome bureaucratic machine sees its maximum splendor in Rome and not in the Veneto. The Veneto Region, through its body that pays compensation under Law 210/92, replied to us within 15 days of the request. Not to all the questions with coherent and complete answer, but the first data was clear: 40 subjects indemnified in Veneto from 2001 to 2015 with an average of almost 3 indemnified each year, of which 3 after a death.

What does this data tell us? He tells us that all the ASL of the Veneto, at the time of the interviews with their parents, provided incorrect data referring exclusively to the reports provided by Canale Verde, that is, no deaths in the Veneto Region since the Green Channel exists.

Rome, the reference body of the national PA for compensation of Law 210/92, replied with something that we struggle not to define a super-brush but, to be fine, we will define a "No response".

The Corvelva Association therefore, having evaluated all the possible alternatives, decided to make use of the Ministry's response both to the Commission for Access to Administrative Documents at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, and to ANAC.

As always we will keep you updated on developments, confident that the line of access to the documents according to FOIA, thanks to the many parents who have helped us and lawyers and consultants, will continue in various areas with actions that we will complete, with which we will demand clear answers to all the questions we will ask.

Corvelva Staff


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