Andrew Wakefield's new film is coming to Italy and will be offered to Corvelva Members!

On Wednesday 8 July at 21.00 pm, on the occasion of the world launch, in free live streaming for Corvelva Members, we will screen the new Andrew Wakefield film "1986: The Act"!

The film addresses the circumstances and consequences of the 1986 Liability Act, a US law to protect pharmaceutical companies, which had huge repercussions worldwide.

For the occasion, we decided to purchase a package of "fees", access keys for the live broadcast, and offer them to our members. In addition, we will invite the members of the Anti-Fake News Government Task Force, the Italian Parliamentarians, the main ASL directors of the Veneto region and the entire Government of the Veneto Region to preview the film.

We carry on with our work: it is useless to suffer the slow agony of being accused of being Fake News spreaders by one member of parliament at a time or by a virologist at a time. We will invite and offer them the opportunity to see a different point of view, that focused on the overpowering of the pharmaceutical industries, also and above all on the legislative aspect of the States. Obviously we will give this faculty completely anonymously, they will be able to watch and then criticize us and we will in any case not keep track of who has seen the film.

This gesture, in our opinion, will serve to send a clear message: denying vaccine damage for fear of compromising confidence in the population is a boomerang that is increasing our ranks and making many experts and politicians lose face. To deny that there is a speculation of private interests on health, politics and science is just as stupid!

In the next few days, we will give Corvelva members precise information on how to live and, subsequently, we will provide everyone else with the link from which you can buy your copy directly from the manufacturer's website, which is obviously not us. We remind the many sympathizers that we are a small reality, if we could have given everyone the vision, in line with our principles. However, we decided to make an extra gesture, compared to just promoting this docu-film, and at the same time offering a service to our associates.

Thank you all for your attention, follow us to stay updated!

Corvelva staff

The Act


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