Big news: we will soon inaugurate the "Corvelva Social"

Big news: we will soon inaugurate the "Corvelva Social"

If we were asked what the Lorenzin Law and Covid-19 taught us, our answer would certainly be the importance of being a community: from socializing, to work, to dealing with small or huge daily problems, being a network has often helped to face situations that we thought were insurmountable. Up to now Corvelva has been able to do relatively little for this, but the single parents who compose it have lived and fought alongside small local self-help communities and today, that the political-economic situation offers us a very complex future, with results unpredictable, we have decided to intervene and offer a new tool in the hope that it will help people in a more concrete way.

Corvelva Social will not be an alternative social network and we do not push you to abandon anything; it is not born in response to censorship and we do not even want it to become a container in which to let people vent. More simply, the intent is to create a secure platform where a compact community can communicate directly and build together a network, also of mutual aid, capable of resisting while facing the battle.

The experiences, the questions, the mutual help, the alternative schools in the area, the solidarity buying groups, the homeschooling projects and much more, what we will need will be implemented and together we will shape it to help us.

So here we are today to announce that in the next few days we will inaugurate a virtual place, which will take the place of the current "Corvelva Members group" on Facebook, where it will be easier and more immediate to interact with each other even for those without a social account, on the basis of the topics of interest that we will gradually see to be useful and necessary. It will be a lightweight platform that can be accessed through the website and which will therefore be available to all members mainly because, in this way, you will have the certainty of being in a "friendly" place where we will already know we are. surrounded by people sharing the same goals, principles and above all moved by the same will to fight for fundamental rights: the right to health, to freedom of choice in the therapeutic and vaccination fields, and with an eye on the daily choices on psycho- our physique and that of our family members.

Obviously, being a new project, everyone's collaboration will be necessary so that it proceeds in the best way, always remembering that Corvelva is made up of absolutely common people, parents and families, who provide time and energy for the battle we believe in: it will not be perfect as we are not, but we count on everyone's help to improve and always be able to live up to the task we have chosen, that of accompanying and helping other parents and other families like us.

So you users will be the first to have to give us a hand, especially with your suggestions that we will try to implement gradually.

Surrender is not contemplated and together we can and must be ready to face anything!

Corvelva Staff


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