Green pass for access to the workplace - Vademecum CUB

Green pass for access to the workplace - Vademecum CUB

Lately we have received many requests on how to behave in the workplace in the Green Pass world. In our small way we have provided explanations, where possible, regarding the regulatory limits but we are not labor consultants and we have decided to use common sense derived from reading the law.

Instead of creating our own vademecum, we considered it more appropriate to use the material of the Veneto Unitary Base Confederation (CUB). We consider this material suitable for the situation, in line with what we have deduced from the standard and able to safeguard us.

Inside you will also find Facsimiles suitable for every situation. We also urge you to stay updated by following us, because it is evident that the situation is not clear or linear at all and it is assured that if things do not change, it will be a normative and interpretative chaos (obviously wanted and caused).

Strength and courage, it's our time! #RESISTENCE

Download: Green Pass: Operational manual by CUB Veneto


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