New project: Corvelva LiveNews

New project: Corvelva LiveNews

Goodmorning everyone!

We are there and we have activated a new service, this time intended not only for all of you who follow us, but for a wider audience.

Corvelva LiveNews is a new project born from the censorship applied by large portals and social networks and wants to respond clearly to the conflict of interest inherent in these companies. As widely documented, Google co-founder Larry Page, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Amazon's Jeff Bezos have plunged into the big vaccine business and the censorship that they apply to us reeks of conflict of interest. Given the situation, since it would be useless for us to hide in a small unknown social network, or worse, in our own self-referential app, we decided to act differently: to be simultaneously everywhere!

Thanks to the support of the members registered in Corvelva, we have been able to subscribe to some cross-platform sharing services and now we can launch our video on 40, 80, 100 different platforms simultaneously. Furthermore, thanks to activists who support us, they will be launched on as many pages, social networks and groups.
Do you censor us? And we go viral!

Corvelva LiveNews will go live streaming on dozens of channels, pages and social networks for at least two days a week, on Mondays and Fridays, from 20.30.
The videos will be taken from the network, on topics always focused on health directly or indirectly or on particularly important and noteworthy topics. Some videos, for you who follow us, will be repetitions already seen, others maybe not, but the aim is not to inform only "us" but a larger quantity of people, reaching numerically hundreds of thousands of people reached per day, millions to week - and of course without monetizing the videos.

Thanks to everyone for the support, we are convinced that one of the roads to continue to follow is that of information to ever wider segments of people.

Corvelva Staff


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