Ramazzini: Glyphosate Study, Corvelva participates in Crowdfunding

Ramazzini: Glyphosate Study, Corvelva participates in Crowdfunding

We at Corvelva are always attentive to independent research and studies that can be considered useful or interesting from the point of view of health, understood as the fundamental right of everyone. We therefore also evaluate the possibility of investing part of the donations in projects concerning health and freedom of therapeutic choice.

We believe that, for an association that promotes these issues, it is right to support and publicize this type of project. Today we are here to talk to you about a study that we believe is very important, carried out by the prestigious "Ramazzini Institute" in Bologna (independent research center), which puts glyphosate and its effects on health, as well as on the environment, at the center of the research. Through some collaborations with personalities from the scientific world, we have come to know of this study on a global basis and of the crowdfunding that the institute has launched for those wishing to contribute with small or large sums to its realization.

We consulted among ourselves and we thought it symbolically important to join: Corvelva has allocated €. 1500,00 for this project.

We all remember how, in the last century, DDT was welcomed like manna from heaven, the panacea of ​​all ills: this compound, which today we know is very dangerous for the health of man and the environment, was passed off, by "Science "as harmless, so sure you could even eat it, they said. Well, the reality was not exactly that, but it took years and years of battles and clashes and complaints to get to the admission of the possible danger of DDT, and still years and years to get to its retirement! In the meantime, how many people have been poisoned? How many and what damage (perhaps irreparable) have we caused to the environment and to the nature that nourishes us?

What will the effects of glyphosate be? We believe it is of fundamental importance to make our contribution to every step forward to find out. Furthermore, we know that the study carried out in the United States by the Mom's Across America association has already found glyphosate in pediatric vaccines. Therefore, this study may also be important from this point of view.

Here is the link to the original initiative:

Corvelva is also committed to spreading this initiative internationally to other associations or groups with which it has for months started cooperating.


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