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Metagenomic analysis report on Priorix Tetra

Metagenomic analysis report on Priorix Tetra

In July 2018 we published the analyzes, here: "Vaccinegate: 5 out of 7 vaccines analyzed are not compliant" ( and, but we hadn't finished.

Briefly summarizing the previous analyses, mutations in the genome of the viruses and absurd quantities of DNA were just some of the issues we detected. As always, we restricted ourselves to the disclosure of the data, without speculating on the real implications, each document was sent to the EMA, AIFA, ISS and political groups to ask for clarity.

We continued the investigation, both chemical and biological, on Priorix Tetra, quadrivalent against measles, rubella, mumps and chickenpox.

The expansion of the chemical / proteins analyzes is available here: "Vaccinegate: First results on the chemical composition profile Priorix Tetra" (, where the presence of many signals, traces of compounds (non-residual contaminants) have been certified, that the laboratories had approximately matched. We are talking about traces that were probably associated with the anti-epileptic Vigabatrin, an experimental anti-HIV drug, antibiotics, herbicides, acaricides, morphine metabolites, the famous Sildenafil (Viagra), the antiepileptic Gabapentin and the anti-malarial Atovaquone and many blackberries. It was clear that there were substantial differences between the two lots analyzed.

For the sake of completeness, we also report that the previous findings of the biological / metagenomic analyzes of July (1st step) determined that the analyzed samples of "Priorix Tetra" vaccine, present a mutant virus population for each attenuated virus called quasispecies. The genetic variants of the vaccine antigens could significantly alter both the safety of the vaccine and its effectiveness.

Today we are publishing the report of the second biological / metagenomic analysis on Priorix Tetra; as you will see they pose a serious dilemma not only medical and scientific, but also ethical. Below we list the points that are most relevant to us:

It has been confirmed (as emerged in the previous phase) the presence of fetal DNA in large quantities, 1.7 μg in the first batch and 3.7 μg in the second batch, about 325 times higher than the maximum limit of 10 nanograms and 325,000 times higher than the minimum limit of 10 picograms, limits that Ema has told us to refer only to cells that are known for their carcinogenic activity. According to what they wrote, the fetal cells of the 60s, used for the production of these vaccines, would not be carcinogenic because "used for decades". We believe more investigations are needed on this point, there are indeed some studies that seriously question the absence of carcinogenicity of these lines.

We then more accurately ascertained the molecular dimensions of the detected DNA and compared to the previous analyzes it was found that the contained DNA has a molecular weight of 20,000 / 60,000 bp. This basically means that there are no fragments of DNA inside this drug, but whole strands, with the presence of an entire genome.

We have also confirmed that there is no presence of the rubella virus genome in the first batch and in the second batch; using a much more sensitive detection, we have found it in 3 reads, equal to 0.00008% of the total RNA viruses.

Notes: the reads are copies of viruses. For example, the viruses in this vaccine are about 5% of the total DNA, equivalent to about 500,000 reads. The measles virus about 850 reads, equals to 0.008%. The more you go down with the reads and the percentage, the more the quantities decrease.

Keep this in mind, because it is essential.

Can 3 reads, equal to 0.00008% of the total RNA viruses, create immunization? If so, then a very serious problem opens up on what you read below.

Within the same vaccine, traces have also been detected to an even greater but still very small extent, of numerous adventitious viruses. But also something else.

Within the GlaxoSmithKline Priorix Tetra vaccine, Proteobacteria, Platyhelminthes worms and Nematoda, 10 more ssRNA viruses, Microviridae (bacterial viruses or phage) and numerous retroviruses including endogenous human and avian retroviruses, avian viruses, human immunodeficiency virus and immunodeficiency virus of monke if inserted into the database turn out to be fragments of HIV and SIV), murine virus, horse infectious anemia virus, lymphoproliferative disease virus, Rous sarcoma virus. Other viruses like alphaendornavirus and hepatitis b virus, yeast virus.

We repeat to better express the concept and we are begging you all to use our results very carefully: within Priorix Tetra vaccine the presence of the rubella virus has not been detected, except in one batch, but the quantity was so little as to make questionable it may give immunization. Instead if we consider that this vaccine is effective against Rubella, because 3 reads equal to 0.00008% of the total Rna are sufficient enough to determine a reaction in the organism, then this also applies to a long series of tumorigenic viruses, HIV, worms and bacteria, present in quantities equal to or greater than the Rubella virus.

Basically, we had to go very deep to trace Rubella virus (in order to prove the presence), using a high sensitivity method. This led us also to come across dozens of viruses and retroviruses, some potentially carcinogens, fungi, yeasts, bacteria.

Whatever the answer about the amounts, it is certain that there should be none; this again shows that there is NO adequate control over the vaccines otherwise these elements would be detected.

What follows are the EMA guidelines which state that the "foreign" virus reads must be ABSENT which means that not even 1 single unit is allowed.

Download: CORVELVA-metagenomic-analysis-report-on-Priorix-Tetra.pdf

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