5 out of 7 analyzed vaccines are not compliant

5 out of 7 analyzed vaccines are not compliant

Metagenomic analysis report on vaccine samples

The Corvelva Association, a historic Venetian association for the support of vaccination freedom, has commissioned the analysis of biological contaminations in some batches of vaccines currently marketed in Italy, to a highly qualified scientific institution specialized in the sequencing of genetic material.

The results of these analyzes are, to say the least, worrying and we believe it is right to share them and make them available for the reflections that each of us can draw, regarding the incontrovertible "total safety and efficacy of vaccines", which seems to have become the most repeated slogan of recent times.

The work we have carried out confirms the results presented in the final report of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry "Uranio Impoverito" of the last legislature, concerning the components of vaccines and in particular the contaminants present. The results of the analyzes carried out demonstrating the presence of human fetal DNA from a whole genome, exceeding the limits that the EMA and FDA have suggested to the scientific community and genetic modifications compared to the strains that the manufacturers indicate in the vaccine data sheet.

Through the first phase of our analyzes, we can now say that:

1. The "MMR vax Pro" vaccine (trivalent, anti measles-mumps-rubella) by MSD Vaccins does not contain traces of DNA and human fetal above the limits, nor genetic variants of vaccine antigens; this confirms the possibility of producing vaccines without biological contaminants.

2. The "Priorix Tetra" vaccine (quadrivalent, anti Measles-Mumps-Rubella-Varicella) of GlaxoSmithKline presents quantities of human fetal DNA about 140 times higher than the maximum limit of 10 nanograms and 140.000 times higher than the minimum limit of 10 picograms. Limits indicated by both the FDA (in Briefing Document September 19, 2012: Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Meeting) and by the EMA in answering our questions on the quantitative limits of DNA contamination from cell lines.

3. The same "Priorix Tetra" vaccine does not have, as it should be, genetic variants of the attenuated measles virus but shows 4 mutations in the genome of the attenuated varicella virus (Human herpesvirus 3) and 1 mutation of the genome of the attenuated mumps virus (Jeryl -Lynn). The genetic variants of the vaccine antigens could significantly alter both the safety of the vaccine and its efficacy, and therefore in order to be able to consider the product as compliant, the attenuated viral strain contained in the vaccine should not present mutations with respect to the reference one indicated by the manufacturer.

4. The "Infanrix hexa" (hexavalent anti Diphtheria-Tetanus-Acellular Pertussis-Polio-Hib-Hepatitis B) and "PolioInfanrix" (monovalent anti-Polio) vaccines from GlaxoSmithKline contain a quantity of poliovirus viral DNA below the detection limits through deep sequencing; this means that the presence of polio vaccine antigen is doubtful and therefore immunization against this pathology may not be guaranteed.

5. Measles vaccine live BP (monovalent anti measles) vaccine shows 6 mutations in the genome of the measles virus Edmonston Zagreb. These data do not allow to guarantee neither the safety nor the immunization capacity of the vaccine.

6. The "Vivotif" vaccine from PaxVax, for unexplained reasons, contains 8% human DNA. Vivotif should only contain the live attenuated strain of Salmonella called Salmonella Typhi Ty21a, therefore the presence of human genomic DNA is not justified.

7. The "Vivotif" vaccine has 154 genetic mutations compared to the Salmonella Thyphi Ty21a sequence declared in public databases as a vaccine strain sequence. This data is very worrying about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.

It is emphasized that, as for the presence of foreign DNA contaminations, regulatory agencies do not provide safety data regarding the presence of genetic variants of vaccine antigens, therefore it is not known how the genetic mutations found can modify the infectious capacity of the attenuated vaccine virus and the response of the immune system to vaccination, both in terms of efficacy but also in terms of pathological responses (autoimmunity).

The results of the analyzes will be reported to both the Italian Medicines Agency and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, and sent to the top management, as well as to the manufacturers, and will be used to produce complaints that can lead to the opening of in-depth investigations for verify the real (non-dogmatic) security of what is injected into our children with a legislative obligation.

What perhaps has not been well understood by political forces, vaccine manufacturers and regulatory agencies responsible for a very dubious control activity, is our determination. In a globally interconnected world, if the bodies responsible for the control of "vaccine-drugs" do not carry out the correct quality control procedures, but accept the data on the basis of a "pact of trust" between the scientific community and manufacturers, we parents we will act as a third party of capillary and progressive quality control of every drug-vaccine on the market, not only in relation to biological contamination, which can be easily investigated with the technologies currently available, such as the next generation sequencing used by us, but also in relation to other components present, in order to bring clarity on pharmaceutical products that to date do not have complete and definitive studies on their safety or their effectiveness.

Discovering in 2018 that some of these vaccines have significant levels of biological contaminants and genetic mutations that could compromise both their effectiveness and their safety casts a worrying doubt on all regulatory bodies, especially in relation to the fact that vaccines are not all the same. : some have no contaminants and others up to 140.000 times above the minimum suggested limits.

We will take care to disseminate these results in a widespread manner and ask that all precautions be taken to ensure that the health of citizens is preserved from possible damage.

Corvelva Association
Padua, 8 July 2018

Download: Metagenomic analysis report on vaccine samples


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